BMTC to teach self-defense skills for sex and relationships to female employees

BMTC to teach self-defense skills for sex and relationships to female employees

To make its women employees a protector of their own safety, the Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) is preparing to teach it to self-defense courses for women employees, especially conductors.

According to officials, in-depth practical training in karate, judo, martial arts, gender sensitization, self-assertiveness, legal knowledge, counseling skills and public speaking will be imparted to its employees.

BMTC has more than 3,000 women employees including conductors. Officials said that a total of 42 hours of self-defense training would be conducted over a period of 21 days and each session would be 120 minutes long.

“Sexual harassment of women in public places and horrors in the workplace is because it is half of humanity,” BMTC said in a press release. It added that the problem is undeniably acute, with women struggling with street sexual harassment and other forms of gender-based violence.

The press release stated that while there are instances where BMTC women employees act as conductors and security personnel, such unacceptable behavior ends with passengers as well as their male colleagues.

It states that BTMC as an organization would like to make a meaningful intervention to address the problem by facilitating gender sensory training and self-defense training for all employees for all its female employees.

“The course content will be practically such that can adopt techniques taught to women of all ages and fitness. It will be based on specific threatening scenarios that one can encounter in everyday life and easy techniques and to extricate themselves from such situations using simple defensive and offensive moves.

BMTC’s decision was well received by its employees, especially women employees.

Jayamala, a conductor of BMTC, said, “It is very good news that the department is taking initiative for teachers to have self defense skills as we have faced such instances many times and there are people who come with us and misbehave with them We do.”

Another conductor, Nasreen, who has been working at BMTC for more than seven years, said that women employees are often concerned about their safety on duty.

“We were worried when people treated us. When issuing tickets or asking for changes, often we encounter difficulties with some people. This is a commendable step by the department. We should learn something that can help us defend ourselves.

(This story is published from a wire agency feed without textual modifications.)

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