Boris Johnson calls for consideration of British woman’s death in Pakistan Burnley

The Prime Minister of Pakistan and Boris Johnson have been asked to intervene in the case of the death of a British woman in Pakistan in which members of Parliament and her family have demanded transparency in the situation.

Kerry Devlin, 27, a mother of two from Burnley, Lancashire, died June 30 at a hospital in Rawalpindi. The death certificate states that a healthy young woman had previously died of sepsis, paralysis and cardiac arrest, but her family in Burnley said they were concerned about her well-being in Pakistan before her death. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya.

He is also alarmed by the basic anomalies in the death certificate, such as the fact that he is of the wrong age, incorrectly stating that he is a Muslim and married, and claims that he has died since birth.

Devlin’s family and her partner say they received controversial information about how she became ill shortly after arriving in Pakistan. He told his partner that he had been diagnosed with suspected malaria, but the family said they were first told he had a smallpox in his stomach and then had the corona virus.

The two MPs wrote a letter to Johnson and Pakistan’s Imran Khan: “The nature of what has happened has raised a number of suspicions and it is now imperative that it be investigated independently.”

Burnley MP Anthony Hagen Botham and Bradford West MP Naz Shah said Dolan’s family “really believe there is a possibility that Kelsey has died, and that his relationship with his partner Has been described as one of oppression and control. “

The MPs asked the two prime ministers to intervene personally. He has also requested for a full autopsy and repatriation for the removal of Devlin’s body, and [for] The children will be returned to their grandparents in the UK.

He wrote: “Should it be that Kalsi was really sick and died of an illness … Transparency to the family in the circumstances surrounding her death and the illness she caused?” They want answers to the concerns they have raised and deserve them so that they can get some restraint and then let them express their grief to their daughter / sister. This can only be achieved with your intervention and determination. How did Kelly die?

Kelly Devlin
Kelly Devlin died June 30 at a hospital in Rawalpindi. Photographer: Christopher Thamed / The Guardian

The Guardian has learned that Devlin was in a romantic relationship with a British workmate shortly before he left for Pakistan.

The partner says Devlin and his former partner, a Pakistani man he met in the UK when she was 16 and a father of two, died shortly before his death. Had agreed to secede from Devlin’s family in Burnley say the former longed for their children to receive Islamic education in Pakistan and have now been denied entry to the UK.

Devlin traveled to Pakistan with his eight-year-old daughter and six-year-old son on June 3, ignoring the Cowade travel ban, as the children’s paternal grandmother was reportedly dying.

A few years ago Devlin Viral Chile c. And he recently started training as a career. The companion, about whom the Guardian has agreed not to be named, said he and Devlin began a non-sexual, romantic relationship earlier this year. He says Dolan himself intended to return from Pakistan and left the children to go to madrassa for six months.

The main causes of death are recorded in the death certificate as “exacerbated stroke” and “VAP”. [ventilator-associated pneumonia]/ sepsis “. She noted that she was on maximum” anotropic support “to stabilize circulation and improve oxygen supply. As it causes immediate and intervention, it includes a list of cardiac arrests. Is.

Hagen Botham said he had asked Foreign Office officials in Pakistan to meet Dolan after concerns were raised about his well-being by his family before his death. She said she went to the hospital but was unable to reach him to see if she was happy in Pakistan or wanted to return to the UK.

The Guardian asked the Foreign Office a series of questions, including what efforts it had made to help the family before Devlin’s death. He did not answer questions but sent a statement saying: “We are supporting the family of a British citizen in Pakistan after his death.”

Burnley’s family says they asked Lancashire police to help them before they died, and say an officer told them they could not intervene abroad.

A Lancashire Police spokesman said: “We have been notified of Miss Devlin’s death. We are in contact with relevant partners to support her family. Our thoughts are with her family at this tragic time.

Police in Pakistan said they had not been asked to investigate the matter and said no one had raised suspicions about Devlin’s death.

The Guardian contacted Devlin’s former partner in Pakistan via WhatsApp and expressed surprise at the idea that the death could be considered suspicious.


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