Boris Johnson, some similarities in Donald Trump’s Kovid scripts – World News

Boris Johnson, some similarities in Donald Trump’s Kovid scripts – World News

Initially virus refusal and play, followed by contractions and fever, and eventually self-isolation.

The Kovid-19 scripts by US President Donald Trump and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson have some similarities; Later was hospitalized and remained on ventilator for several days in April.

It was a brush with death, he later admitted. His recovery was close, “it could go either way.”

Like Trump, who played the virus and was rarely seen wearing a mask in public, Johnson also made light of the virus earlier this year.

On March 3, the day his scientific and medical advisors warned against joining hands, Johnson announced on live television: “I was in a hospital the other night where I think some were actually coronavirus patients”.

“And I shook hands with everyone, you’ll be glad to know, and I’ll shake hands,” he said with a smile.

But by the end of March, Johnson had contracted the virus and had to be admitted to St. Thomas Hospital near Downing Street on 5 April. She spent three nights in the intensive care unit before returning to number 10.

At the time of contracting the virus, both Johnson and Trump were overweight. After recovering, Johnson implanted Britons to shed excess fat, citing his own struggle, announcing measures to deal with the epidemic.

The blanket coverage of Johnson’s illness and recovery drew some sympathy, even though there was much criticism by his government of dealing with the epidemic.

There are clear differences in the scripts of the two leaders that are considered to be of similar political pursuits, but the main variable is whether there is an election across the Atlantic and whether Trump’s position will generate equal sympathy among the public.


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