Boris Johnson Stresses Safety of Covid Vaccine as Tensions Relieve With NHS Outbreak

Boris Johnson has sought to reassure the public about the vaccine program as NHS leaders have privately accused ministers of pressuring staff to meet unrealistic expectations amid “political arrogance”. have been.

Addressing a Downing Street press conference, the Prime Minister repeatedly referred to the safety of the Oxford / Oster Zenica job, which the European Union and the United Kingdom met on Thursday after a number of EU countries suspended its use. I confirmed by regulators.

On Wednesday, NHS England announced a drastic reduction in vaccine supplies for April, citing delays in millions of doses from India and the need to re-test 1.7 million doses. But Johnson insisted that dates on the roadmap must not be pushed back to reopening society, saying: “It cannot stop our progress on the path to freedom.”

Meanwhile, senior health officials told the Guardian that vaccine delivery staff had been “frustrated” and “disappointed”, with ministers saying they were “constantly pursuing goals”. That immunization targets will be brought forward, while fears of supply disruptions are being considered.

There was also “great frustration” among family doctors running GP-led vaccination sites and hospital owners who run large-scale vaccination centers that ministers were trying to misrepresent the success of the program. ۔ Since December 8, more than 25 million Britons have won a job.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock publicly acknowledged on Thursday that supplies would be cut next month, adding that 5 million doses of the Asterisk vaccine would arrive later than expected from India and that a separate batch of 1.7 million doses would arrive. Was be retested.

However, the Serum Institute of India, which is developing the AstraZeneca vaccine, denied any delay and said no agreement has been reached to provide a second tranche of 5 million doses, according to a source authorized to speak for the facility. Expired.

The British government declined to say where the 1.7 million doses were started, or why they had to be tested a second time.

Hancock claims that the decline is not the cause of the alarm, saying: “Such incidents should be expected in preparation for this complication.” Chris White, England’s chief medical officer, said there was no significant evidence that people were stopping theft in Britain.

But officials involved in the vaccination drive are angry at media reports that people of a certain age will get their first dose before expectations and that ministers will accompany them or They are not open about the danger of interfering with the public. Vaccine delivery, as has emerged this week.

Earlier, hidden tensions between the NHS and the government over the pace of negotiations and the recognition they deserved were due to food shortages. The government will end hopes of hitting the next milestone with a month-long slowdown before ministers in mid-April set their names publicly.

In public on Thursday, Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Eshworth cited examples of media-like stories and statements that angered NHS vaccination staff.

On Saturday, official sources were briefing the Daily Telegraph on the ‘bumper promotion’ that every person over the age of 40 would be offered their first Easter vaccine. Last week, the business secretary hinted that all adults could be vaccinated against polio by June, saying “there’s no reason we can’t be optimistic.”

A senior NHS leader said: “It’s frustrating that politicians are so focused on political pride about the success of the vaccine rollout and when it comes to what it means, regardless of its operational complexity. Will get caught

“The danger is that these vascular messages will create uncertainty about when they will be apprehended, which threatens to overwhelm the NHS, which is already moving at its own pace. The staff is angry that the government He is concerned about how things will go in politics and the media, but he has no idea how such statements affect public health.

Another senior NHS official said: “Frontline staff wants ministers to make as many promises as possible and be more realistic, and stick to the original plan to vaccinate groups.” Will – By the end of July all adults still have some success.

“It simply came to our notice then. They feel like they are being set up to fail. He is angry with people like Matt Hancock for taking the rollout when he is responsible for the success of the NHS. The biggest hurdle in accelerating the rollout is the supply of vaccines, which are beyond the control of the GP and NHS.

“We also hear outrage in some quarters that a successful rollout is often reported as a ‘government vaccine program’, while other programs, such as test and trace shortcomings, are easily – and not always – flawed,” he said. Attributed to the NHS. GPs have done an extraordinary job, in which the NHS has done its best, and it should be acknowledged.

Labor last week criticized the government for financing a half-hour documentary about the taxpayers’ vaccination program. One trailer leaked: “Unusual. Unexpected ray of hope.”

Dr Richard Watery, head of the British Medical Association’s GPS committee, emphasized that the GP had played a key role so far and that there would have been no slowdown in the availability of the vaccine. Even more people would be vaccinated.

He said: “The government has not run any vaccines, they have done NHS services to make it work; the biggest obstacle to the program is the amount of vaccines provided by the government … and The government has imposed restrictions on the program, which has a lot to do with funding.

“It’s a government program that provides financial support to taxpayers, but we shouldn’t overlook the fact that it’s the ease, energy and commitment of NHS staff across the country that has delivered it.”


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