Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Morocco have reported a delay in coding from India

The world’s largest vaccine maker, the Serum Institute of India (SII), has told Brazil, Morocco and Saudi Arabia that further deliveries of the Oxford / AstraZeneca Covid 19 vaccine will be delayed. According to the Times of India, Citing a letter from the president of the institute.

Adar Poonawala is said to have written to Brazil to write, “Sorry.” A January fire One of its manufacturing facilities had “obstacles” and the institute would not be able to deliver on its promises. According to the article, similar communications were sent to Morocco and Saudi Arabia.

Reuters news agency said a source with “direct knowledge of the matter” had confirmed the arrest, saying it was also due to rising domestic demand. The SII and the four countries involved have not commented on the reports.

India’s programVaccine metrics(Vaccine Friendship), in which he sold or delivered more vaccines than the home-run coronavirus, has been hailed locally as a diplomatic success.

However, with the country The government has been widely criticized for reporting the highest number of coronavirus infections after the United States and Brazil, and for exporting valuables. India is facing another increase in these cases, with a total of about 11 11.6 million.

Poona Wala Said in a tweet last month That countries should be patient because SII was “instructed to prioritize India’s heavy needs”.

the latest The delay was revealed a few days after the UK said it would have to step up its Covid 19 vaccine program next month as SIIs are likely to deliver food later than expected.

SII has provided half of the recently ordered 10m doses. On Thursday, he said he would “try to provide more later, given the current situation and the need for a government immunization program in India”.

According to the Indian Foreign Ministry, Brazil has already received 3 million rations from SII, Saudi Arabia and 7 million from Morocco. The three countries had ordered 20 million.

SII has partnered with AstraZeneca, the Gates Foundation and the Gavie Vaccine Alliance to create one billion doses for poor countries.

Anonymous Sources told Reuters that SII was working to increase its monthly production to 100 million doses by April or May, from 60 million to 70 million now.

The vaccine was originally intended to be sold only in middle- and low-income countries, especially in Asia and Africa, but production at other facilities of Aster Zenica has led it to be sold by the British company in many other countries. Forced to send

India has so far donated 8 million doses and sold about 52 million doses to 75 countries, most notably the STR Zenica shot made by SII. India has provided more than 44 million doses since the launch of the immunization campaign in mid-January.


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