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John Murray,. 14.99, Pp320

Emily LeidenThe first novel, set up at a special boarding school for girls, is about historical rape allegations, which threaten to permanently damage the reputation of an educated and privileged class. The author takes a keen interest in the clear and toxic culture of synchronization among teenage girls, and while the book’s multiple theories prevent deep engagement with a single character, Lane Lane is still a young woman in the #MeToo era. Makes an interesting picture of

Bloomsbury, . 16.99, Pp352

In 2014, two teenage girls were hanged from a mango tree on the outskirts of their village in rural India after being raped and killed. He was a cousin and when his parents tried to cover up the incident, the story went viral, sparking a debate about the relationship between poverty and crime, the nature of seniority and the treatment of women in society. A careful, well-researched investigation by Sonia Falero has uncovered a powerful, generous account of the perception of disorder, women’s shame, and honor.

H.ArperCollins, 8.99, pp400 (paperback)

Louis HareHis first novel explores the experiences of the Vanderbilt generation through its main character, Lori Mathews, who is believed to have arrived in the UK and is expected to offer a warm welcome. Instead, it found itself in a very difficult country to be subjected to racist violence. Life is good for Larry, who falls in love with a mixed-race girl at the front door, even when he finds the body of a black child in a local pond and the charges fly away. Green brings paths and warmth to a dynamic post-immigrant story.

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