Britain’s Got Talent judges praised the ‘magical’ Pakistani teenager

Britain’s Got Talent judges praised the ‘magical’ Pakistani teenager

Britain’s Got Talent judges praised the ‘magical’ Pakistani teenager

LONDON: Young British-Pakistani singer Sareen Jahangir has been hailed by judges as “magical”, “unique” and “special” in Britain’s Got Talent this year for her emotional performance in the semi-finals. Show.

Jahangir, 14, won millions of hearts with his Royal Carrie U show. She is the granddaughter of Sahibzada Jahangir, one of the oldest friends of Prime Minister Imran Khan and a spokesman for trade and investment in the UK and Europe.

The show’s hosts, Brick and December, noted that not only was there a pin drop silence in her performance, but the judges and the audience were blown away in such a way that it made Sareen emotional and she broke down at the end of her performance. Gone. Making almost everyone cry with it.

She moved away from the piano and her father, Kafil Jahangir, took her to the middle of the stage. The judges and the audience stood on their feet to appreciate his performance of the Hijri ban.

The amazing performance was truly an enchantment that impressed the judges so much that when it comes to praising a talented young man, they do not break their word.

“It was just magical. It was an angel, beautifully sung and weak and feeble. I just feel like you’ve found something unique. I think you’ll grow up. It’s just beautiful. Was, “Amanda Holden told Serene emotionally.

Ashley Banjo, who stood in support of Simon Cowell, said: “Magic is the right word. What have you done with your voice and piano? [wha only] Some actors can. I was moved, your voice literally moved me [somehwere] Otherwise it was only when you finished that I came back to Christie and walked away, wow. Well, you should be proud of yourself. “

“Sometimes, I think, when you’re specially skilled, you don’t need all the bells and whistles. You can just sit there, play the piano and sing and do it with millions and millions of people. It will be rooted. And I think we just watched it. It was a very special performance and I was very sad for you when you started crying at the end. So, I hope he is happy. There were tears because you did an incredibly good job. Another judge, David Williams, told Siren, “I don’t think there’s anything better than that.”

Elisha Dixon agreed with fellow judges and said: “I think this is one of those moments that just takes your breath away and doesn’t always happen on the show.” He added that there was “honesty, purity” and sincerity about the teenager he described as “very little”.

“And you know, your job is to sit there and sing and make us feel something. We were all so attached to you and to that song, you couldn’t do anything better.”

The British-Pakistani magician has managed to make it into the top three with the magic bonuses and dance troupe X1X crew, but has yet to make it to the grand finale in October.

Siren will come to Pakistan during the school holidays

In an interview with Geo News at his North London residence two months ago, Sareen shared that her brothers’ songs in her living room became the village of millions of people. It changed and then people all over the world saw it.

Sareen also said that she had met Prime Minister Imran Khan at his residence several years ago. She reminded him that at that time she could see with one eye but later she became completely blind.

Talking about his granddaughter’s performance, Sahibzada Jahangir, a PTI leader in the UK and Siren’s grandfather, said that “now the people have the right to vote for Sareen’s participation in the final on October 10”.

“The judges have said that Serene is a very talented, magical and wonderful person. Everyone else who has seen her perform twice in the world’s largest talent platform has said that Serene is a super talented girl who Warmth has been defeated. Millions of hearts. Thousands of people have been impressed by his story of personal courage and encouragement and we are all indebted to him for his support.

The PTI leader also said that his granddaughter had also been invited by a charity to provide free eye treatment in Pakistan, so that she could be his guest speaker in October.

“During the school holidays, Sareen will visit Pakistan and travel to the villages to encourage and motivate children with disabilities,” the PTI leader said.


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