Burj Khalifa: Kiara Advani’s latest song by Akshay Kumar, Lakshmi Bomb is a fashion disaster. Here’s Why – Fashion & Trend

Burj Khalifa: Kiara Advani’s latest song by Akshay Kumar, Lakshmi Bomb is a fashion disaster. Here’s Why – Fashion & Trend

Burj Khalifa, the latest song from Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani-starrer Lakshmi Bomb, has been trending ever since it was released on YouTube. And like the film’s trailer, the song has divided audiences. As the song’s title suggests, a musical number is filmed around the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa of Dubai. In the video, we see Akshay and Kiara roaming the areas and deserts around Dubai, the song starts off like every Arab-themed Bollywood song, with ‘Habibi’ sung in chorus, Which is sung as a Dubai scene takes Dubai and belly screens. Akshay’s character has been compared to Kiara’s Kylie Jenner in the song, the song is “Fashion Tu Kardi Jivin Kylie Jenner Ni“, (You fashion like Kylie Jenner?), He then Burj Khalifa (expresses his desire to buy her)Ji Karda Dala Doon Tan Burj Khalifa), Which is after a strange hook move, that probably should have been edited out. The song has some of the most stylized and amazing clothes seen in recent times, the background dancers’ costumes are just sad, not to cover their heads in the sand of long-hanging sheikhs in Dubai, Kiara Advani has worn the most basic belly dancer in ‘Belly Dance’.

While Akshay’s style in the song has him wearing a half-open hoodie with a thick chain around his neck and sunglasses to complete his look or his usual pastel suit with fedoras. However, Kiara’s over-styling in the song is worth a mention. In this song, Kiara has worn every possible fashion trend for the past decade, whether it is her biker-chic look with leather pants (plus fishnet stockings) and crop tops that are two peaches with perfectly shiny yellow boots Be in the outfit of , Physically hurt both eyes. Kiara, who is usually a stunner at red carpets, promotional events and casual outings, is also seen wearing a red one-shoulder crop top with black flared mini skirt and red boots in the song. What’s worse, Kiara has none and Akshay’s look seems to be encapsulated in a single frame, in which she is seen wearing a fluorescent green, full-sleeve crop top, wearing white pants and shoes, Akshay Dancing in a black and gold embroidery Caftan– Rose-like with a black and gold head dress (as seen on the Arabs). He later switches to a white vest and a metallic gold jacket, but there is no harmony between the two’s look in the song. In another frame, Kiara appears in a belly dancer outfit as she busts in a few moves. While Kiara looked stunning as a belly-dancer in the song, it was great to see an outfit that was not so conservative and grounded, especially since every Arab-themed item number in Bollywood has the least Less is a gold dress.

Do you like Kiara’s styling in Lakshmi Bomb’s Burj Khalifa song, or do you think her personal style is better?

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