Cabinet approval to provide dry food grains to students

Cabinet approval to provide dry food grains to students

PANAJI: The state cabinet on Tuesday approved providing dry food grains for the remaining 165 days under the Mid-Day Meal Scheme to students from classes one to eighth. The state government has already provided 100 days of dry grain to the children.

A senior official said that the state government provides 220 days of mid-day meals to the students. However, due to the Kovid-19 epidemic, the government decided to provide drought rations for an additional 45 days.

The cabinet approved the supply of dry rations equivalent to 165 days of approved cooking costs, including transportation amounting to more than Rs 17 lakh.

The cabinet note states that the department will provide this dry ration through self-help groups and women’s mandals in the school premises without following the codal formalities.

The official said that parents have to come to schools to get ration.

The cabinet note also states that the rates charged for dry rations shall be equal to or less than the existing rates of Goa Marketing and Supply Federation Limited, Panaji on the day of supply order.

The cabinet note states, “Monitor the quality and quantity of dry rations provided to the Headmaster and Parent Teacher Association students.”

The Directorate of Education is implementing the Mid Day Meal Scheme under the National Program of Nutrition Program of Primary Education with 60:40 pattern with the Government of India.

The TOI had reported that schools were closed during the epidemic, analyzing the performance of the mid-day meal scheme by the Center for Policy Research, New Delhi, which showed that Goa was among the states that had at least Food grain was lifted in October 2020

With the closure of schools, and as midday meals could not be served to students, food grains were initially to be distributed instead. According to the analysis, Goa did not select any of its stock until October 2020.


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