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Call of Duty Mobile: Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 arrives on August 16: new features, maps and more

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Update after delay for season 9 Call of duty: Mobile due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic and other reasons, Activision Finally the launch date for the update is announced. The game’s season 9 update comes on August 16 on both Android and iOS operating systems. The update, along with season 9, will also bring many new features and changes to the game.
Of all the other features, the most noticeable feature is a new map, called Shipment 1944 and Call of Duty: Mobile Rank Series 6. Another major attraction is a new gunsmith feature that allows players to personalize their weapons. Will allow Call of Duty Modern Warfare like PC games.
Call of duty mobile Map of shipment 1944
The new shipment 1944 map will arrive on August 16 with an upcoming update and according to the developer’s description, it is a smaller size map suitable for close combat and engaging gameplay.
The map has two major areas: the central region, where the two intersections lie between the middle crates and the perimeter area, a square boundary around the center. The map is suitable for players who prefer to use light-weight weapons.
Call of Duty: Mobile Rank Series 6
Like every other season update, the Mobile Rank Series will reset the rank of 6 players and it will take it down the ladder. Players have to play the game and raise their rank to earn season prizes.
Duty mobile gunsmith phone
As already mentioned, the GunSmith feature will allow players to customize their weapons from multiplayer loadouts. Using gunsmiths, players can configure almost every part of a given weapon. In addition, the number of loadouts in season 9 will also increase from five to ten.
Apart from this, the game is also getting a new 10v10 multiplayer mode in which a total of 20 players will participate in a match with 10 players.


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