CAS gives 20 days time to Omar and PCB to file written arguments

CAS gives 20 days time to Omar and PCB to file written arguments

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Omar Akmal. (AP photo)

Karachi: The Court of arbitration for sports (Cas) Has asked Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) And restricted Test batsmen, Omar Akmal To present written argument in 20 days.
Cass was approached by the PCB, appealing against the loosening of the three-year ban on Omar Akmal, while in a counter move, the batsman filed an appeal against his overall ban and removed it.
The former Supreme Court judge, Justice (retd) Fakir Muhammad Khokhar, to the best of his ability, had relaxed Omar’s three-year ban for failure to report two spot-fixing approaches by the independent advocate for 18 months.
A source close to Omar said that his lawyer has received a mail from Cas asking him to give his arguments and statement in 20 days time.
“Cas will take about three months to decide the case and should give a date for hearing through written arguments / statements from both sides,” he said.
Justice Khokhar in his final conclusion noted that the stance taken by Omar is self-contradictory, not credit-worthy and the case against the appellant is proved to be hilt.
But Khokhar reduced the length of the ban by adopting a compassionate approach.
Omar was banned for three years in April by the board’s one-man discipline panel after two hearings and then appealed to an independent advocate.
Omar, 30, who has played 16 Tests (final one in 2011), 121 ODIs and 84 T20 Internationals, has a history of running into problems with the establishment on disciplinary issues since he made his debut in Pakistan in 2009.
He is the younger brother of Pakistan Test wicket-keepers Kamran and Adnan Akmal.


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