CAS turned down PCB request for hearing of Umar Akmal in Dubai – Cricket

CAS turned down PCB request for hearing of Umar Akmal in Dubai – Cricket

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has rejected the request of the Pakistan Cricket Board to hear the ban on Omar Akmal in Dubai. Earlier this year, Akmal was banned by the PCB for three years for failing to report corrupt attitudes, after which its own independent assistant reduced the suspension period to 18 months.

Eventually the case reached CAS’s doorstep.

According to a source close to the development, CAS has turned down a request from the board, which wanted to hold a hearing in Dubai to reduce costs.

The source said that the PCB has now requested for a hearing through a video link, but Cas is yet to respond.

“The legal team of Omar Akmal does not want to proceed through a video link, so it is most likely that CAS will also reject the PCB’s new request,” he said.

Under CAS rules for online hearings, permission from both parties is required.

The PCB and Akmal have responded to the notice of the exchange. The CAS is expected to announce a date for the hearing in the coming weeks.

Earlier this month, CAS asked PCB and Akmal to submit written arguments within 20 days.

The PCB went to the CAS with an appeal against its independent adjudicator to reduce the three-year ban. On the other hand, the tainted batsman wants the ban to be repealed.

Former Supreme Court judge Justice (retd) Fakir Muhammad Khokhar in July failed to report two spot-fixing approaches to 18 months of Akmal’s three-year ban, curtailing his ability as an independent advocate.

Justice Khokhar in his final conclusion noted that the stand taken by Akmal is self-contradictory.

Akmal was banned for three years by the PCB’s one-man disciplinary panel after two hearings, after which his appeal was heard by an independent advocate.


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