CAT 2020: Premier IIM still has only 35% students

CAT 2020: Premier IIM still has only 35% students

Mumbai: There are more than one girls in this year’s three CAT (Common Admission Test). While Premier IIM is making efforts to increase the representation of girls on its campuses, the selection pool has not increased significantly over the years. In fact, the number of applications from girl candidates has come down to 35% in the last three years. On Sunday, amid the epidemic, a total of 2.3 lakh candidates will appear in the country’s most competitive B-school entrance examinations.

Professor Debashis Chatterjee, director of IIM-Kozhikode, said the number of girl candidates may be stable for now, but there is scope to move forward. “Thirty-five percent can be a glass ceiling until it is broken with new initiatives. Offering diverse MBA programs can be one such step. For example, our two-year MBA program at Liberal Arts and Management Has more than 60% of its starts this year. Chatterjee said, “Girls in the class. Conversely, the enrollment of girls in MBA finance, this year too, was only 20%. “He said,” Our main selection pool right now is from engineering profiles, which has more boys than girls anyway. But the MBA should be made attractive to women as well as other streams. ”

Professor Himanshu Rai, director of IIM-Indore, said that the numbers can also be attributed to many socio-economic factors. “It can increase when the literacy rate increases, especially for women. It will also increase if the number of women pursuing higher education increases. It will increase with changes in the social fabric of our society, “Said Rai.

This year, in order to follow the Kovid-19 social take-off criteria, CAT organizers reduced the paper duration by one hour to conduct the exam in three sessions instead of two. On Sunday, around 2.3 lakh candidates will take the exam in 159 cities across the country. Coaching mentor Hemang Panchamatia said that students are a little worried about taking the exam in the epidemic. “Students suspect the use of self-declarations, masks and gloves on Kovid,” he said. A student from Mumbai said that IIMs are taking care of all the precautions related to Kovid at the center, but they are not sure that they will be allowed to use local trains on Sunday. Another student from Borivali said, “There is no clarity on the same and hence, we are planning to take a taxi, which is a costly affair.”

Director of CAT 2020 Organizing Institute, Rai said that students should plan their course well and reach the centers early. He advised the students, “This is the culmination of hard work over the past several months. What’s in your hands, wear a mask and maintain social distance.”


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