CBSE Class 10th Result 2021: Schools are ready for ‘objective criteria’ for Kovid’s timing results

CBSE Class 10th Result 2021: Schools are ready for ‘objective criteria’ for Kovid’s timing results

Amritsar: The Ministry of Education has given considerable relief to the students and parents by canceling the CBSE Class X examination and declaring the result on the basis of ‘objective test’, but the school management though waiting for the development and sending of the CBSE Have been. They will be guided by the ‘objective criteria’, based on which the result of the students of class X will be declared.

Saying that CBSE could come up with a formula that suited most stakeholders in these extraordinary circumstances, Spring Dale Senior School Principal Rajiv Kumar Sharma on Thursday informed TOI that the ‘objective criteria’ could be the student’s internal assessment is.

There may be a correlation of either IX standard scores to students’ performance in the X standard as both IX and X are integrated classes or any other, but less likely, 20 marks of internal assessment may result in a total conversion of 100 points. But at the same time, he stated that the marks of internal assessment were higher than the marks of most theory.

Twenty marks are a combination of project with pen-paper evaluation, multiple choice questions, portfolio and five marks weighting.

Sangeeta Singh, principal of Delhi Public School, said that the students had been out of the actual classes since April 2020 and were studying online. He said that there was a possibility of giving promotion to the students keeping in view the internal performance throughout the year.

Gurmeet Singh, the father of a tenth grade student, said that CBSE had the only option of internal assessment coming through the school to announce the results of class X without conducting online or offline examinations. “It is the school teachers who know about the students and cannot react to the board,” he said. Saying that from the instructions of the Ministry of Education, it appears that they will promote every student. “All schools will give a good assessment about their students,” he said.

Gaurav Kapoor, a student of class X, said, “I am relieved by the government’s decision, but you cannot call me a ‘promoted’ student by any concession, I am ready to take the exam.”

Asked if there could be any implication of the government’s decision for future students, Rajiv replied that the students were more concerned about their marks in class XII as it had implications for their future. “Marks in grade X are mostly of fulfillment value to a student, but most students chose their future course of action and joined various streams after twelfth, so examinations in grade twelfth took more value.”

However, the theory DPS stated that it could have a direct impact on students’ learning outcomes and will be realized in the coming years. Furthermore, she said that mental, social and psychological effects cannot be ignored.


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