CBSE Class 12 top scorers from Delhi government schools to meet Kejriwal, Sisodia

CBSE Class 12 top scorers from Delhi government schools to meet Kejriwal, Sisodia

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NEW DELHI: Sarwar Khan, affected by the North East Delhi riots, Mehzabi is the first girl in her family to study till class 12 and Raghav, who was given tuition to live in the city, is among 19 high performing students in Delhi. Government schools in 12 CBSE board exams Students who excelled in the examinations whose results were recently announced met Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal at his residence on Wednesday. He also met Deputy CM Manish Sisodia.

Raghav Kumar, a native of Bihar, secured 93.4 percent marks in the board examination. He used to give tuition to the students of his neighborhood to stay in Delhi.

“I left my uncle’s house in class 11 and started living independently. My teachers helped me financially a lot,” he told the ministers.

Charu Yadav, a humanities stream topper in her school, said that she had failed in class 11.

He said, “I had taken a science stream in class 11, but I could not fail. I was then advised by the school principal to choose Humanities and in class 12 I scored 96 per cent and emerged as a topper.”

Sarwar Khan, who scored 73.40 per cent in the board examination, said, “I (North East Daily) was affected by the riots. I started preparing early so that my studies were not affected. I used to get up late and study.”

Khan, the son of an e-rickshaw driver, said that his principal is a source of inspiration for him.

Shamina Khatoon, who scored 95.6 percent, said, “Girls in my family were not allowed to study or make a career. We were taught Urdu, but going to schools was out of the question.”

“I am three brothers and a sister, and no one in my family believed in girls’ education, but my father encouraged me. I studied hard and scored well,” she said with pride.

Mehjabi is the first girl in her extended family to have studied up to class 12, scoring 94 percent in the board exam.

Kejriwal congratulated the students for their outstanding performance.

“Each of you has faced a difficult situation, whether it is a family member’s health complications or financial deficiencies at home, but you did not give up. With sheer determination you achieved such a great result. The result is your There is evidence of the predecessor. Effort and dedication to study, “he told the students.

The CM said taxpayers’ money is being used to fund government schools, making education free and accessible to all, adding that students have a responsibility to pay back their nation when they grow up.

“Everything in your school is free. How is it free? Where is the money coming from? Who is the government paying for sponsors in government schools? It’s using taxpayers’ money. And who pays taxes?” Does? Including all, even the poorest man in this country pays taxes.

“It is money paid by a poor man in the form of tax, through which you are receiving free and good quality education. So when you grow up, be what you aspire to be. But, never forget what the nation has done for you. You should be ready. The AAP leader said that in return for what this country has done for you, return one day.


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