Chain reaction: Bikes and pedestrians battle in Kovid-era Paris – more lifestyle

Chain reaction: Bikes and pedestrians battle in Kovid-era Paris – more lifestyle

Passengers in Paris reacted to the Kovid-19 epidemic in their thousands rather than digging up public transport and walking or biking, but now find themselves fighting each other on crowded roads. Two hours a day, during congestion, bicycle lanes are used in many places along the route to central Paris with cyclists, which are particularly wide to encourage people to avoid the crisis in the metro Where they are at risk of spreading the disease.

At junctions and pedestrian crossings, the flow of cyclists is accompanied by the flow of pedestrians. On this occasion, cyclists ride through red lights, or pedestrians leave the bicycle lane without being seen. Accidents and near-misses are common. “Cyclists are not so careful with pedestrians. They just keep on going, ”said 66-year-old Nadine Lefevre. “On the pavement this morning, a bicycle slipped around me, as he could no longer pass on the road.”

In September last year, sensors in Paris detected an average of 55.8 cyclists per hour around the city; This September the figure is up to 97.2 per hour. Paris city officials have sent marshals out to keep order in the bicycle lanes, and say they are imposing on-the-spot fines of up to 135 euros ($ 157) for cyclists who break the rules . Paris deputy mayor David Belliard said he wanted to form a “pedestrian committee” on proposals to better share the city’s roads with cyclists.

“We must protect the pedestrians,” he said. Earlier, the hottest turf on the streets of Paris was between war cars and other forms of transport. Socialist Mayor Anne Hidalgo has partially settled that argument by restricting access to cars on many roads. His ultimate goal is to walk the city center. The section of the Rue de Rivoli in Paris, which is in the rear of the Louvre Museum, used to have three-lane traffic and a bicycle lane. Since May this year, private vehicles have been banned, and cyclists have been given three lanes.

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