Chairman NAB Review the overall performance of NAB

Chairman NAB Review the overall performance of NAB

Honorable Mr. Justice Javed Iqbal, Chairman NAB presided over a meeting at NAB Headquarters to review the performance of NAB. Mr. Hussain Asghar, Deputy Chairman NAB, Syed Asghar Haider, Prosecutor General Accountability, Zahir Shah, Director General Operations attended the meeting while all the DGs of the Regional Bureau attended the meeting through video link. The meeting reviewed the overall performance of the NAB headquarters and all the regional bureaus which are under trial in specially esteemed courts and further improved the quality and standard of effective monitoring as well as complaint verification, inquiries and investigations. It has been decided to file references on grounds. According to the law, the Chairman NAB directed all regional bureaus to ensure that all complaints are verified, investigated and investigated on the basis of solid evidence, including accused persons, witnesses and others. There are statements of relevant documentary evidence to bring the corrupt elements to justice in accordance with the law.

“Hard work, determination, dedication, professionalism and experience are always helpful in conducting an investigation,” he said. The NAB strongly believes in enhancing and enhancing the capacity of its investigative officers as training in new techniques, technologies and scientific methods is an ongoing process that will enable them to meet the requirements of modern investigations in accordance with the law.

The meeting decided to review the functioning of the NAB Forensic Science Laboratory so that the quality and standard of inquiries and investigations could be improved accordingly. The Chairman NAB directed that all available resources should be utilized to eliminate mega corruption white collar cases on scientific basis so that all available resources could be utilized in a transparent manner to verify all the pre-determined complaints as per SOP. And complete the investigation. At the direction of the Chairman, proper monitoring of the performance of the NAB Headquarters and all the Regional Bureaus will be ensured to ensure constant vigilance to further improve the performance of the Regional Bureaus as per law. The Chairman NAB directed all the Bureaus to ensure that these cases are pursued effectively. More than 1230 references are pending in various reputable accountability courts of the country. NAB has recovered Rs 4.5 lakh. 714 billion directly and indirectly from corrupt elements. NAB is making sincere efforts to eradicate corruption to rid Pakistan of corruption. He said that NAB is a people friendly organization which always believes in respecting all the people who come to NAB and no negligence will be tolerated in this regard.


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