chandigarh school reopening news: UT Chandigarh issues new guidelines to reopen schools

chandigarh school reopening news: UT Chandigarh issues new guidelines to reopen schools

Chandigarh: The UT Education Department on Friday issued new guidelines for calling students from ninth to twelfth grade. As per the new schedule from Monday, students of classes IX and XI will also be called to the school. The UT Education Department has also allocated time slots for the session in which students are to be called.

As per the latest guidelines, students of classes X and XII will have a session from 9 am to 11.30 am and students of classes IX and XI will be called from 12 noon to 2.30 pm. Also, now teachers will be in school from 8.30 am to 2.30 pm. Also, for any absence for 3 consecutive days, teachers will now have to give a medical certificate issued by the government body.

According to officials, the time has been changed to bring uniformity to reopen schools. “After visiting various schools, it was seen that the schools were following a set schedule. District Education Officer Alka Mehta said that the new instructions should be followed with immediate effect by all schools to maintain uniformity and make this process effective.

According to the new guidelines, the headmaster, head, and in-charge will attend school daily for full working hours and to ensure that all instructions are followed.

Students will attend school only on a voluntary basis as per prior guidelines. 50% teaching staff will be called in the school from morning to morning .30 to 2.30. The chiefs have been asked to ensure that the timetable is prepared in such a way that teachers attend school on alternate days.

Teachers from middle and primary schools will also attend the school and in these schools also the ideal of 50% employees will be followed. Teachers who teach elementary classes, but are present in school and are not allocated any period or provide guidance to students, continue to take classes online even when they are present in schools.

All the teachers coming to the schools will continue the online classes under the supervision of the concerned head. Any teacher who is not well and has taken leave for three consecutive days will have to get a medical certificate from a government hospital.

It is further clarified in IT that all instructions issued by the authorities are to be strictly followed. These instructions will be reviewed in due time. Schools in UT Chandigarh reopened on 21 September.


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