Change is the need of the hour: Dr. Vinay Bajrangi

Change is the need of the hour: Dr. Vinay Bajrangi

Most of the Indians are strong followers of one religion or the other and follower of a particular religion. Yet, the Happiness Index of an ordinary Indian citizen is below the international average. Most of us know and practice chanting, austerity, meditation and other practices; Nevertheless, it appears that the blessings of the Almighty shower less on us than on the citizens of Western countries or First World countries. They may not be so religious and may not even scoff at religious rituals; But, prosperity still accompanies them.

An Astrological Insight – Why do Indians lag behind when Westerners enjoy their lives?

As a society, we are well informed, hardworking, spiritual enough. But, we are still largely deprived globally. The answer to this puzzle lies in the roots of our society and we can easily understand it through reading the overall horoscope. The entire commentary is for self-realization and introspection.

Many of these things can be identified in the horoscope, and if we begin to apply karma correction to an individual, then to a group of people, and eventually to the whole society- we will probably pass on to new generations. Can light a torch.

lack of clarity

We lack clarity: the things we publicly condemn, we strive for in private. For example, we publicly condemn all unethical methods of earning money. However, personally, we employ all kinds of gimmicks, right or wrong, to get the most money. As a habit, we maintain double standards and have enough time to comment and critique things that do not concern us. Most of the time, our moral values ​​take a back seat.

With this lack of clarity, we inadvertently activate our twelfth house, which is the house of loss. An active house of loss does not allow us to climb up.

blood inheritance

We are taught not to believe. As a society, we believe that one cannot earn without lies and one cannot scale heights without corruption. There are very few parents who prevent their child from committing corrupt practices. The feeling of mistrust towards each other and rampant corrupt practices activate the sixth and twelfth house of the native which is rivalry, loss and imprisonment. As the center of corruption is more on one side, which happens when the reward is not distributed in the agreed proportion, these houses wreak havoc on the individual.

Followers of religion but do we really mean it?

We are so hollow hearted that we try to manipulate even the gods.

• We go to complete some work and even an arbitrary person whispers to bribe God.

• We appoint people to please God on our behalf.

• We do not love but fear God and his religion.

• A small loss can take a person away from the God and the values ​​that he has been worshiping for a long time, and at that time he will not hesitate to abuse him.

• Those who need more and those who have more, they worship more. The constant fear of loss drives them to pray more.

• Those who sin more, they worship more to please God, so they are not punished.

The so-called adherent of the religion is in fact ordinary, whose values ​​can be changed and swept away by just a small stroke of fate.

When we do custom driven:

It is quite common to try to defend, argue arbitrarily and follow age-old customs. Society is bound by customs, but the human bond or touch is missing. However, the idea of ​​changing these practices is not considered as one fears the wrath of God.

By following the rituals blindly, we activate our eighth house which is also known as death house.


Despite being literate, we rarely practice basic common sense:

•Educated people will not miss the opportunity to throw garbage in public places.

• Law keepers often break the law for no reason.

• Those responsible for maintaining the balance in society will lean aside for obvious reasons.

• The strong will deliberately oppress the weak. However, we tend to forget that this strong person can and will meet someone strong someday.

The most obvious reason behind this is that we are always on the lookout for the path of least resistance, be it anti-law and anti-religion.

This inherent nature of dishonesty activates almost all the negative traits of every house in the horoscope. And for this reason we are likely to get negative results more often.

high handedness

We work arbitrarily. We do not follow what we preach.

• We forget our duties but remember the responsibilities of others.

• Showing off is our way of life.

• We have made our life very complicated.

• We try to make our children the way we are.

• Blaming each other is a national pastime.

• We do not learn and apply.

When there is a crime, we generally say that the government is not working or the police is not working. But, we forget that one of us is responsible and we have done nothing to change it. With little support from Trines and Kendra, our ascendant is spoiled.

A Scientist Indian Vedic Astrologer

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi, a renowned astrologer based in Noida, practices the principles of Indian Vedic astrology and specializes in matters related to birth time synchronization, business issues, career selection, Manglik dosha, marriage issues, past life readings, and other horoscopes provide services. A renowned astrologer in Delhi NCR, he also regularly visits major metros.




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