Chero greets ‘world’s tallest elephant’ in Cambodia World News

An elephant described as “the loneliest in the world” has arrived in Cambodia after a seven-hour flight from Pakistan.

The case of the overweight, 36-year-old Bull Elephant Cowon has caused a global uproar by animal rights groups, who have demanded his removal from the Islamabad Zoo on charges of substandard care and conditions. Of

The reason was promoted by a social media campaign of the chair, who traveled to Pakistan to see it.

Chewen grabbed a flower as she waited to greet Kaun.

Chewen grabbed a flower as she waited to greet Kaun. Photo: Tang Chin Sothi / AFP / Getty Images

Wearing a black mask, the singer was handcuffed at Sam Rap Airport and waved enthusiastically on the plane after landing at about 2.30pm (0730 GMT) on Monday.

“I’m very proud to be here,” he told AFP after greeting Kaun in an opening letter at the base of Crete. “They will be really happy here,” the chair added, adding that he hoped his ordeal was over.

Amir Khalil, a veterinarian with the animal welfare group Four Powers, said Kaun’s long-awaited trip was “unexpected”, adding that he was treated “like a frequent flyer”. “Kaun was eating, he wasn’t stressed – he was sleeping a little bit, he was standing, leaning against the crate wall,” he said.

Once in Pakistan, after the Asian elephant, Kaun will be moved from Sam Rap to the neighboring province of Odermanche, where he will have a new wildlife home with about 600 other elephants.

Welcome to Cambodia Kaun. “He will no longer be the world’s tallest elephant,” said Nath Phekatra, the country’s deputy environment minister. “We expect to breed cows with native elephants – this is an attempt to preserve the genetic fold.”

Before Kaun was taken to the Holy Haram, the monks offered him bananas and watermelons, offered prayers and sprinkled holy water on his blessing.

His journey marks the end of years of campaigning by animal rights groups, which say the captivity of animals has revealed “a kind of mental illness” due to the zoo’s predicament.

In May, a Pakistani judge ordered that all zoo animals be moved.

Upon hearing of Kaun’s release, Chir tweeted that the decision was “one of the greatest moments of his life.”

A team of four-pound doctors and specialists from Austria spent months preparing to travel with Kaun. It was a complex process due to its size and diet. The elephant also had to be taught to enter a large metal crate that was placed in a cargo plane for a seven-hour flight.

Four paws, along with Islamabad authorities, safely evacuated three wolves and some monkeys from the zoo. Only two Himalayan brown bears, a deer and a monkey remain.


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