China allows reopening of theaters in low-risk areas from July 20

China allows reopening of theaters in low-risk areas from July 20

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Beijing: China has allowed movie theaters in low-risk areas to begin July 20, with cases of coronovirus with 30 percent capacity ending in the country.
China has the second largest film market in the world after Hollywood with a box office revenue of 60.9 billion yuan (over USD 10 billion) in 2018. There are around 70,000 movie theaters across the country.
The China Film Administration announced on Thursday that Chinese film theaters have been allowed to resume in low-risk areas starting July 20, after the COVID-19 pandemic situation improves.
Theaters should be reopened on the basis that proper containment and control measures have been taken, he said, noting that theaters should suspend their operations when their areas are accommodated in medium or high risk areas .
The Chinese Film Circulation and Projection Association said on Thursday that attendance per show should not exceed 30 percent.
China’s theaters had been closed since late January after an outbreak of coronovirus that hit Wuhan before spreading to other parts of the country and the world.
According to the guidelines, cinemas are required to sell non-adjacent tickets every second line and filmmakers who are strangers to each other must keep a distance of at least one meter, according to the news agency Xinhua Having said.
All filmmakers have to make real name reservations and buy tickets online.
According to the guidelines, those without masks or keeping the body temperature above 37.3 degrees Celsius will not be allowed to enter theaters.


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