China has made great progress in Kovid-19 vaccine research: Chinese Ambassador

China has made great progress in Kovid-19 vaccine research: Chinese Ambassador

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New Delhi: China’s Ambassador to India Sun Weidong said on Wednesday that China had made “spectacular progress” in vaccine research and development in the fight against Kovid-19 and that it would be accessible to developing countries when developed.
He said that China and India should join hands together to strengthen cooperation and fight against the epidemic and said that the Indian government took decisive steps to stop the spread of coronovirus.
He wished India an early victory in the battle against the coronovirus.
Speaking at a webinar organized by the Confederation of Young Leaders, Sun said that China has simultaneously promoted vaccine research and development through five technological avenues.
“Currently, China has made great progress on vaccine research and development. China has simultaneously promoted vaccine research and development through five technological pathways. It has been reported that eight novel coronavirus vaccine candidates have been in clinical trials. Hai, four are from China, ”said Sun. .
“On May 22, the Chinese team led by Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Chen Wei published a report on the world-renowned medical journal Lancet. Phase-1 testing results of their vaccine candidate on humans prove safe. And effective. This result is encouraging, ”he said.
He recalled that President Xi Jinping said that China would ensure that the vaccine, once developed, would be accessible and affordable to developing countries.
“President Xi Jinping addressed the inauguration of the 73rd World Health Assembly and announced important proposals to promote the global fight against Kovid-19. He said that Kovid-19 vaccine development in China when available and Deployment will be made globally good. ” “China will contribute to ensuring the reach and affordability of the vaccine in developing countries,” Weidong said.
Emphasizing the Government of India to take measures to prevent the spread of Kovid-19, he said that the support of the people played a big role in controlling the spread of the disease.
“After the outbreak of the epidemic, the Government of India attached great importance and took decisive measures. I am impressed by many things. The first is prompt action. Since March 25, the Government of India has taken lockdown measures at various stages, even That there were not many confirmed cases at that time. The second is solidarity. People from all regions in India reached a basic consensus on epidemic prevention and control, understand and support the lockdown measures. The third is cooperation. Most Indian people follow it. The Chinese ambassador said, instructions and advice to stay at home, and the overall social order is stable.
He said that China and India have maintained close communication and cooperation on epidemic prevention and control since the outbreak.
“Two of our leaders President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have twice made letters and phone calls by our foreign ministers to strengthen our anti-pandemic cooperation. Indian people from all walks of life have taken our most timely different ways Has shown its support., “The ambassador said.
“As sister provinces and cities, Guangdong Province and Chongqing City have donated medical supplies to the state of Gujarat and the city of Chennai, respectively. Alibaba, Fosun, SANY Group and other Chinese enterprises and charities have made a large number of medical supplies in India. Has helped with the face. ” Protective masks, protective suits, medical gloves and ventilators, ”he said.
Emphasizing the need for the two countries to work together in close cooperation to defeat the transition, Weidong said, “This year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and India. Neighbors.” , As friends and partners, China and India. Should join hands, strengthen cooperation and fight against the epidemic together. I sincerely wish India an early victory in this battle.


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