China is building high security complex in Gwadar to establish naval base

China is building high security complex in Gwadar to establish naval base

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Gwadar (Pakistan): China is secretly building a high-security complex near Gwadar Port in Pakistan’s Balochistan province, which it will likely use Naval base.
according to this ForbesA leading aerospace and defense magazine is watching analysts for the first signs of a long-expected Chinese naval base in Gwadar.
“To supplement on a basis, Djibouti, Will strengthen China’s penetration in the Indian Ocean. Recent satellite images show that many new premises have been built over the years. One of them, identified as Sugar company Forbes said port development has unusually high security.
Located at the western end of Pakistan’s coast, Gwadar is expected to be a major port in China’s Belt and Road Initiative.
This would allow Chinese goods to be shortcut through Pakistan instead of sailing around South Asia. China was first reported to be planning a naval base in January 2018.
While the plan has never been officially confirmed, it would be a natural route.
“The high-security compound is being identified by the China Communications Construction Company (CCCC Ltd). It is a majority state-owned company involved in several Chinese civil engineering projects. While some degree of security is common. Areas, The level of security seen here is wide, ”the magazine read.
It added, “It has anti-vehicle berms, security fences and a high wall. Sentry posts and high guard towers cover the perimeter between the fence and the inner wall. This reveals a guard armed with rifles.”
the high Safety compound is not alone. There are two Small sites Built in the last year with rows of blue-roofed buildings. It has been suggested that these may be a barrack for the Chinese Marine Corps Outpost
In March 2017, China was reported to have deployed marines there. But the sites lack the level of security that would be expected. Whatever their precise purpose, their location and timing indicate that they are associated with port expansion.
Forbes said, “By now the commercial port in Gwadar seems to have been used. But fortunes are already changing as Gwadar’s port, not due to its Chinese base. More recently to trade in Afghanistan A deal was reached to allow. The port, the first major merchant ship, the MV Manet, landed 17,600 tonnes of wheat last week. But the economic benefits of the Chinese port and potential naval base could be huge.
Whether the Chinese naval base material remains to be seen. But these new sites, including heavily defended premises, may indicate that the next phase of port construction is imminent.
and if Chinese navy It will strengthen their capabilities in the Indian Ocean.


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