China, Russia and Saudi Arabia are ready to join the UN Human Rights Council

After China, Russia, Cuba, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia were elected to the UN Human Rights Council board on Tuesday, human rights activists in those countries are expected to be outraged and appeal to EU states. He vowed to stop supporting them.

The Geneva-based monitoring NGO UNWatch described the situation as tantamount to allowing five criminal firefighters to join the fire brigade.

The United Nations has three three-year vacancies in 47 strong councils, divided into five regions. Due to secret backroom deals, the only regional group competing for seats is in Asia and the Pacific, where five candidates are vying for five available seats. A candidate can only be defeated if less than 97 countries vote in a secret ballot at the UN General Assembly in New York.

In a briefing hosted by UN Watch, Yang Jinali, president of Citizen Power Initiatives for China and a former political prisoner, said: “China was involved in the destruction of political freedom in Hong Kong. Has grossly misused the founding principles of the United Nations Human Rights Council. Leads the world in doing.

“Democrats have a duty to vote against Beijing, and human rights abusers in China deserve to know how these democracies voted in a secret ballot,” he said.

Rosa Maria Pay, the daughter of Cuban human rights activist and late conflict Oswaldo Pie, whose family members say she was killed, has claimed that “Cuba used this seat as an excuse for her exemption.” For safety, making sure that he makes a number of allegations against him and his criminal friends in Venezuela. China, Russia and Belarus are not happy. These groups are conspiring together to hide the facts. I take action and clear the content and effectiveness of the Human Rights Council.

Russian opponent Vladimir Kara-Mirza, who has twice been poisoned, said that experienced UN observers are seldom surprised, pointing out that in the past, Libya, The governments of Sudan and Saddam Hussein in Iraq were elected to the council.

“Yet we are surprised that Russia is considered a legitimate candidate, if it can be chosen,” he said. “It has been confirmed. [the Russian opposition leader] Alexei Navalny has been poisoned by a highly controlled military-grade nerve agent manufactured by the Russian state and used by Russian security services for years, leaving no doubt as to who was behind the attack.

He pointed to the United Nations as saying that the countries of the Human Rights Council should “maintain high standards in the promotion and protection of human rights.”

“If that makes sense, the worst human rights abusers should not be allowed to seal the deal,” said Kara Mirza.

Along with Saudi Arabia and China, Nepal, Pakistan and Uzbekistan are also ready for the four seats available to the Asia-Pacific group. Four countries have announced candidates for four African group seats: Ivory Coast, Senegal, Malawi and Gabon. In addition to Russia, Ukraine wants a seat in one of the two Eastern European groups. In the Latin American and Caribbean groups, Mexico, Cuba and Bolivia are vying for three seats. In the Western European section, both France and the United Kingdom will take the available seats.

Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the council two years ago, which campaigners say reinforced the dictatorial view that human rights should be measured by economic prism rather than individual liberty. ۔

Although human rights groups often criticize the council, it says it provides a rare platform for NGOs to confront oppressive governments directly.


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