China’s military has prepared technology roadmap to capture America by 2027: report – world news

China’s military has prepared technology roadmap to capture America by 2027: report – world news

According to new guidelines and observations by President Xi Jinping and other officials, China should apply cutting-edge techniques such as artificial intelligence if it wants to transform its military into a modern war force on a par with other leading powers.

The statements come from a booklet published this month by the state-run People’s Publishing House, in which senior officials, including President Xi, have outlined the latest five-year plan for the country’s development.

Military modernization is being pushed by the 67-year-old Xi, who heads the ruling Communist Party (CPC) and also chairman of the Presidency Central Military Commission (CMC), which is China’s 2-overall overall command. Lacquer strong military.

This year China approved a US $ 179 billion defense budget, the second highest after the United States’ defense spending of 732 billion.

According to Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) military spending data, China’s defense spending in 2019 was US $ 232 billion.

The recent major conclave of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) has finalized plans to build a fully modern military with the US by 2027.

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By the year 2027, which marks the centenary year of the founding of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), China will build a fully modern military, a goal that aligns with national strength and the future national defense requirement. The state run will be completed, Global Times quoted Chinese analysts as saying earlier this month.

There was a four-day meeting chaired by the ruling Communist Party of CPC (CPC) of China, which adopted its proposals for the formation of the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) for national economic and social development. Long-range objectives through the year 2035.

Analysts say that China aims to build an army that is at par with the United States.

In an article titled “The pace of modernization of defense and military” from the booklet published by the People’s Publishing House, CMC Vice President Xu Qiliang stressed the importance of smart technologies in the modernization of the PLA, Hong Kong-based South. The China Morning Post reported this on Thursday.

Military analyst Ye Jianlinag said that it is imperative for China to improve its military strength so that its economic strength can be countered.

The military had to be more proactive in devising a way to counter the war, rather than merely responding to conflicts, he said.

“(China) has to keep pace with the developments of the times and emphasize the use of smart technologies to achieve interdisciplinary innovation,” Xu said.

This would include the modernization of military principles, structures, personnel and strategic management, he was quoted as saying.

“Always keep in mind that (a nation) is in danger if it forgets about war or makes inadequate preparations for war,” Xu said.

The Post’s report noted that another article in the booklet echoed his comments, stating that modernization was necessary.

“A new round of scientific and technological revolutions, industrial revolutions and military revolutions is developing rapidly … it is a global trend to create an intelligent army,” he said.

He said that the change process should create a force that is less labor-intensive and focuses more on new technology, it is much more at home.

Military analyst Ye Jianling said in his article in the booklet that China’s defense capabilities do not match its position in the international community or its perceived security needs. “History has proven time and again that a strong nation can only be built with both economic and military power … When the ‘sword’ is not sharp enough, a nation can collapse,” he said.


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