CII urges industry not to lower guard against Kovid-19 – Business News

CII urges industry not to lower guard against Kovid-19 – Business News

Industry body CII has urged its member companies in North India not to lower the guard against Covid-19 and to ensure that the prescribed norms of wearing masks maintain a physical distance of at least 6 feet and from larger gatherings Escape.

Chamber-19 cases have been increasing at an unprecedented rate for the past few weeks, with the epidemic continuing to have difficulty for the entire country, the Chamber said in a statement on Sunday.

Many states in North India are experiencing the second or third wave of increase in infection and mortality. With the onset of winter, the problem is increasing, especially for vulnerable people, it has added.

Noting that epidemic fatigue is an expected and natural response to a prolonged public health crisis, the Chamber stated that “we need to understand and take into account the consequences of not only dropping our guard on the health and safety of those people But rather its impact on our work and everyday life ”.

Nikhil Sahni, president of CII’s Northern Territory, said, “As we can see some signs of rebound in our economy, at least we now wish there would be another place to shut down or close our workplaces because of the transition .

“Already, we are seeing some states being forced to announce nighttime curfews again and ban social ceremonies, which I would say are not good signs.”

Sawhney has written a letter to the industry in North India, stating that they should not keep low guard against Kovid-19 and ensure that the prescribed norms are followed.

“We should also ensure that people around us including family, friends and the workforce follow these rules at all times without fail. At the same time, in our offices, we need to maintain work from home policy for a few more months, ”he said.

He highlighted that the government is committed to ensuring the availability of the vaccine and said that a definite process is going on to take it to the weaker sections of the society.

Sohni said that in light of this, it is necessary for all industry members to be prepared for a period of at least one year, with constant vigilance and precautionary measures to work towards the prevalence of the disease.

CII has formulated a detailed workplace protocol, shared with industry members to follow, including the following work from home for all offices requiring non-contact activities, complete workplace safety measures. Ensuring where employees are required to be physically present, and conducting a Kovid test of all employees and their families.

It also includes promoting awareness among employees’ families and the larger community and spreading awareness about SMS – hygiene and hand washing, wearing masks, social disturbances.


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