Code: England adds Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kenya and Philippines to ‘red list’ tour | Corona virus

The ministers have announced that the Philippines, Pakistan, Kenya and Bangladesh are to be added to England’s “red list” of countries from which almost all travel is banned.

The increase, which takes effect next Friday, will take the number of countries on the red list to 39, as the government fights to prevent various vaccinated vaccines from coming to the UK.

British and Irish citizens and residents can return from the red list countries, but must pay to enter the hotel quarantine.

The changes will take effect on April 9 at 4 p.m., according to a statement issued Friday. “The government has consistently made it clear that it will take decisive action if the virus needs to be brought under control and has placed these places on the red list for public health protection,” the statement said. The statement said.

Ministers have rejected the idea of ​​expanding the list to include countries in Europe, such as France and Germany, where a third wave of covidial infections has raised concerns about the possibility of mutations.

Boris Johnson told the Senior Parliamentary Coordinating Committee last week that France could not be ruled out of the red list, but highlighted the close trade and other ties between the two countries that are difficult to implement. will be done.

“We are definitely looking at it, but people should not be under any illusion that the results will come out,” he said.

Labor has called for a “comprehensive” hotel quarantine system to prevent further outbreaks of coagulation, especially in South Africa, which some studies have found to be resistant to the vaccine. Goes

The prime minister is expected to give more details on Monday on how decisions will be made when the foreign tour could resume on a larger scale.

A “traffic light” system is expected to be introduced in the summer to allow travel to at least some of the countries that have a successful vaccination program and some cases of “variations of concern”. ۔

Johnson will also confirm at a Downing Street press conference on Monday that the next phase of his roadmap will go ahead as planned on April 12. In the second phase, non-essential shops and hairdressers will reopen, and pubs and cafes will be able to serve outside customers.


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