Coli No. 1 Review – David Dhawan’s comedy remake is big but not better the film

IThere are two Bollywood stories this Christmas. At Netflix, Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motuain, who represent the modernizing wing of Indian cinema, have engineered one versus the fast and knowledgeable meta-thriller AK. Meanwhile, on Amazon Prime Video, you can see veteran comedy director David Dhawan renewing his IP rights on Coli No. 1, previously a hit car in 1995 for comedian Gonda, who was born in Sandwell. Even the most devoted fans of the latter would probably accept the original left room for the better, but it has nothing to do with Dhawan. This coli updated some reference points and replaced Govinda with the next day’s Hank Varun Dhawan – the director’s son – then surrounded him by the ancient players and sportsmen, who have been obsessed with pretending for the last 30 years. Was part of the effort.

This plot-less railway porter (Dhawan) has been assigned to serve the society’s ballet (Sarah Ali Khan) so that he can be part of a conspiracy to discredit his family. The result is a very quick contrast casting with the original. It’s also clear that a handsome, heart-trained key man (not many) rushes for easy laughs, Dhawan Jr. is bound by the boy’s excitement on screen, but there’s a long note of condolence. Helping actors in Gonds to guide someone. Sadly, Khan is trapped in the balconies, causing him anxiety, while the men below determine the destination of his character. In this, Koli 2020 really looks like the last century.

Gun Breaks with a good song population – which retains more life and color than jokes – shows a movie much bigger than its predecessor. Dhawan now has access to golden places and more expensive hotels. The goal is clearly to give those of us in the cheap seats a sense of superiority. But with the same thinner substance as before, this prescription seems even more stable: it goes into one ear, and evaporates before leaving the other ear. In 1995, and in the absence of further suppression of entertainment options, such candy floss would have reluctantly passed two hours. In 2020, this means that the almost unfinished season of this season will almost certainly have the premiere of this streaming. And the competition is fierce to distinguish this sad thing.

Amazon released on December 25 on Amazon Prime Video.


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