Coronavirus gives rise to India’s unemployment problem: Rahul Gandhi | India news

Coronavirus gives rise to India’s unemployment problem: Rahul Gandhi | India news

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New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said on Tuesday that the gradual lockdowns issued by the Modi government have failed, leading PM Modi to claim that he has a “win” over the coronovirus in 21 days.
Gandhi said the PM needed to return to an “aggressive front foot play” with a clear strategy on how to exit the fourth lockdown, as well as how the economy would be opened.
The Congress MP also said that it would be “fatal” if the government failed to inject capital and cash to the poorest 50% of India as well as small and medium businesses on the verge of closure.
“India is facing a very serious unemployment problem and this is nothing new. You have heard of ‘Make in India’ and they have not given the result that anyone was expecting, now suddenly we This Corona problem has been hit, which has increased the problem of unemployment manifold. Businesses closed down and I am sorry to say as a national leader, many small and medium businesses are going bankrupt. Joe People work for these businesses, they will be unemployed. That’s why, we are asking for an injection. Capital and money for small and medium businesses. It would be fatal, if we don’t do that, “Gandhi said while answering a question.
Addressing a virtual press conference on Tuesday, Gandhi called for a “rapid escalation” with coronovirus cases if a second wave of infections would not be handled properly and said the government should immediately take a clear and concrete program ‘Plan B. ‘Needs to be introduced.
“What India is facing is the result of a failed lockdown. India is the only country in the world to rest a lockdown when the virus is growing rapidly. The lockdown has not delivered the results that were anticipated. What is the government’s plan.? ”He asked.
Rahul Gandhi reiterated the Congress’s demand for a cash transfer of Rs 7,500, while terming the Centre’s stimulus package as inadequate, saying it was less than 1% of GDP.
He also said that it is an “absurd” assertion of the Yogi Adityanath-led UP government that states would need the permission of the UP government to employ the people of UP. “If a person wants to fulfill his dream in Karnataka or Mumbai, he should have the right. It is unfortunate that the Chief Minister of UP sees it this way. One cannot say that you are mine, you cannot go there.” Can. This is absurd. ” Gandhi said.
Reacting to the allegation of FM Nirmala Sitharaman and the BJP that he was ‘dragging’ by talking to migrant laborers on the streets – which he did last week – Rahul said that he learned from the experience of engaging with the poor and A challenge was withdrawn in the government, stating that it would carry bags of not only migrant families, but 10-15 people, if only the government would allow them to walk with them.
In a separate intervention, the former Congress chief also said that the central government should be “transparent” in handling the recently flared India, with China and Nepal reassuring people and helping them understand what might happen. Had been. .


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