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As Brazil It then became the second country to cross the critical milestone of 400,000 Cove-19 deaths United StatesAccording to Reuters, experts warn that the number of daily vaccinations could be higher for several months due to slower vaccinations and reduced social restrictions.

The brutal rise in coronavirus infections this year has pushed the country’s Brazilian hospitals to the brink of collapse, causing 100,000 deaths in just one month.

In Brazil, the death toll of the Cowade 19 dropped slightly from a peak of more than 4,000 in a single day in early April, prompting several local governments to ease the lockdown.

But infectious disease experts warn that the death toll could easily rise for months because vaccines alone cannot counteract the virus. Two experts say they expect an average of more than 2,000 deaths a day.

“Brazil will repeat the same mistake as last year,” said Pedro Hilal, an epidemiologist who led the national study on Quid-19. “What will Brazil do now? Go back to easing sanctions and we will stabilize 2,000 deaths a day, as if 2,000 deaths from a single disease in a single day are normal.

India Recently, Brazil has surpassed Brazil in the average daily death rate, although the population of Brazil is higher than the total population of India, despite having one-sixth of the population. The increase in infections is being driven by the P1 corona virus discovered in Brazil, which is thought to be 2.5 times more contagious than the original version.

Diego Xavier, a researcher at the public health institute FerroCruz, said the rollout of the vaccine, in which only 13% of people have received a single pill to date, could not control the spread without social restrictions.

He also predicted that more than 2,000 deaths a day would become the norm without any rapid increase in vaccinations, as seen in countries like the United States.

Experts blame the death toll on the government’s failure – by the president جیر بولسنارو To many state governors and mayors – to start a strong response to the epidemic.

“We have reached 400,000 deaths, mainly due to the incompetence of this government headed by the president,” said Dr. Jamal Suleiman of the Emilio Rebas Institute of Infectiology.

Bolsenaro has reduced the severity of the virus from the beginning, opposed stricter lockdown measures, failed to strictly verify the mask, and more recently accepted vaccines.

The vaccination campaign ended with the Ministry of Health over the weekend, and it was said that from January to April, 30% less vaccines were received than expected. Many municipalities have run out of vaccines and cannot run other shots as planned, while others have seen long lines because many fear supplies will not run out.

Bolsenaro insists the country should return to business as usual, arguing that economic hardship for Brazilians is as bad as epidemics.

The Senate this week launched a special committee to investigate possible wrongdoings in the government’s epidemic response, which it promised would summon current and former top officials in Bolsenaro’s administration to testify.


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