Coronavirus Lockdown: Ground Report from Indian Cities | India news

Coronavirus Lockdown: Ground Report from Indian Cities | India news

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NEW DELHI: The festival of Eid remained silent across the country as people decided to celebrate the annual festival inside their homes. However, scenes outside airports in many cities appeared to be chaotic as hundreds of domestic flights were canceled.

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  • The city crossed 1,000 Kovid-19 deaths on Monday, entering Mumbai after 76 days and two months after the nationwide lockout was announced. The city’s death toll was 1,026 with 38 deaths on Monday; Of the 1,026 deaths, 736 occurred in May alone.
  • The scene at Mumbai Airport T2 on Monday was similar to future ups and downs, as resumption of domestic flights began with 75% being canceled after the state’s decision to limit flight movements to only 50 Sunday evenings Was given
  • The death rate for Kovid-19 in the city has been 8.1% for those over 60 years of age. For people in the age group of 40-60 years, this rate is less than 4% and for those below the age of less than 1%. 40.
  • Diabetes-hypertension combination has emerged as the most prominent underlying co-morbidity among the deceased.
  • To check the number of Kovid-19 deaths, BMC is fine-tuning its contact-tracing program and will now limit it to 15 high-risk contacts – as before every positive patient in slums K was against five.


  • The Kovid-19 tests conducted so far in Haryana were to cross the 1 lakh mark as the collection in the state was 99,987, bringing the state’s test rate to 3,944 per million.
  • UT advisor Manoj Parida on Monday clarified that there are no plans to convert the entire Bapu Dham Colony, Sector 26 into a region zone.
  • Operations resumed at Chandigarh International Airport on Monday, with 490 passengers arriving from three cities and 300 departing on return flights.
  • Operations resumed at Chandigarh International Airport on Monday with 490 passengers arriving from three cities and 300 people leaving for the return flight.


  • A group of 30 Muslims of the city have united to help the needy. The group did not celebrate Eid and instead raised Rs 1.50 lakh to prepare sweets for poor people to get through tough times as the lockout was announced.
  • The usual celebrations seen on Eid-ul-Fitr were missing this time as Muslims in Gujarat stayed away from mosques and celebrated the festival on Monday while remaining outside the house watching the outbreak of coronovirus.
  • After a two-month lockdown, domestic flight services resumed, but the final issues by airlines took many passengers on fire citing rotational issues.
  • Two days after the Gujarat High Court bowed down to the state government for the poor health infrastructure management in the city of Ahmedabad, the government sought immediate clarification regarding the HC order passed in the Poo’s PIL on the Kovid-19 pandemic on Monday afternoon. . .
  • Scientists from the Gujarat Biotechnology Research Center have completed genome sequencing of over 100 samples of novel coronaviruses taken from all over Gujarat.


  • Travelers arriving at the airport in Kolkata will receive a sore throat, fever or shortness of breath – all symptoms of Kovid-19 to the Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute in New Town for a swab test and health evaluation.
  • Of the 33 functional laboratories for Kovid testing, 18 are in Kolkata. A few more labs are expected to be allowed in the next few days.
  • The chicken rate, which has been on a roller-coaster ride ever since the lockdown began, sold for Rs 250 and mutton at Rs 800 per kg on Monday.
  • Kolkata now has 286 zones on its list, which is 19 more than the earlier list.
  • Kolkata’s list, unlike Salt Lake, is not classified with green, orange and red areas. There has been a delay in mapping Kolkata to orange and green areas as Kolkata Police is focused on reducing the impact of cyclone Amfahan.
  • According to an earlier state notification, Kolkata has allowed shops and retailers to resume trade in green areas from May 21. From May 27, more discounts will be in place for autos and hawkers. These will, according to the plans, be allowed in the orange and green areas.


  • Rising prices of essential commodities in retail markets are hurting the common man, who is already battered by the Kovid-19 crisis due to job losses, pay cuts and lack of commercial activities.
  • The state government has issued an ordinance to amend certain clauses of the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act, which would pave the way for developers to sell the plot in three phases.
  • Patients undergoing surgery in private hospitals in Bengaluru should take the Kovid-19 test before the procedure as medical institutions want to ensure that their surgical staff is not exposed to any infection.
  • The Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) has decided to introduce flat fares from Tuesday.
  • After diverting 320 passenger coaches into isolation wards to evacuate Kovid-19 patients, South Western Railway now plans to reintegrate them.
  • Although the resumption of flight services at Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) was large and smooth, there were, inevitably, some minor hiccups.


  • After the coronovirus lockdown restrictions were relaxed in Delhi, many people got out of their homes for bicycles and for a morning walk in the Rajpath area.
  • Heavy traffic along the Delhi-Ghaziabad border near Ghazipur, border with Delhi again due to increasing cases of coronovirus after Ghaziabad.
  • According to Delhi Metro sources, the entire staff has been asked to report for duty on Tuesday.
  • The Northwest district in the capital has emerged as another major hotspot, with 50 police officers testing positive for the novel coronavirus to date.
  • The JNU administration on Monday issued a circular “strongly advising” students to vacate the university’s hostel and return from their hometown when the session started.


  • Students return to Hyderabad as soon as the UK’s dream of education collapses.
  • After two months of lockdown, Hyderabad airport finally opened its doors for commercial air travel on Monday.
  • India’s second testing laboratory for vaccines coming to Hyderabad


  • The Tamil Nadu government has allowed cabs and autos to accept rides for the airport from Tuesday.
  • Restrictions on the number of flights imposed by the Tamil government, mass flight cancellations in Chennai, high fares and lack of public transport have made the flight expensive and troublesome for passengers this week.
  • As a large number of positive cases are seen in Tamil Nadu, the government decided to deploy 100 more mobile fever clinics in Chennai to identify people with severe acute respiratory illness (SARI) and influenza-like illness (ILI). is.
  • The toll reached 118 after seven people died in various hospitals in Chennai, with 548 cases, mostly in Royapuram, Thiru-V-Ka Nagar and Pulianthope.


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