Coronavirus Roundup: Development in India and Rest of the World | India news

Coronavirus Roundup: Development in India and Rest of the World | India news

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* According to AFP, India’s death overtook France with 30,601 disasters to finish sixth after the US, Brazil, Britain, Mexico and Italy. The world’s second most populous country has the third largest cassiolad with about 1.3 million infections.

* Union Health Minister Drs. Harshvardhan said that India has performed 15 million RT-PCR tests so far, and “we are now conducting more than 0.35 million tests per day, with an estimated volume of 1 million tests per day.”

* President Ram Nath Kovind today sent Red Cross relief material to the people affected by floods and Kovid-19 in Assam, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh at Rashtrapati Bhavan.

* The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued an advisory for Independence Day celebrations, asking all government offices, states, governors etc. to avoid public congregation and use technology for ceremonies.

* Allahabad HC rejects PIL, looking at unlocked 2.0 guidelines at the Bhoomipujan ceremony of Ram temple in Ayodhya. The petition states that 300 people will be involved in the event, which violates the estimates.

* All rail tickets including platform tickets will now come with a QR code for connectivity in stations and trains along the lines of airports.

* As Kovid indicates, doctors say that partial symptoms should be taken seriously.

* Nearly 400,000 airline employees were fired, furloughed or told they could lose their jobs due to coronavirus.

* Ministry of Civil Aviation has increased the capping in the fares of flight tickets on domestic routes till 24 November or till further orders.

* The Serum Institute of India plans to make 2-3 million doses of the Oxford Kovid-19 vaccine by the end of August.

* Indian Premier League 2020 will be played from 19 November. IPL President Brijesh Patel said that it will be a full-fledged tournament.

RBI Governor Extreme Risk Aviation states that the RBI Governor Extreme Risk Revision in the Financial Stability Report will have adverse consequences for everyone. Sustainability of the financial sector is a pre-requisite.


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