Court sentences couple to death for raping underage girls

Court sentences couple to death for raping underage girls

RawalpindiDistrict and Sessions Court Rawalpindi Justice Jahangir Ali Gondal on Monday sentenced Qasim Jahangir and Karan Jahangir to death and life imprisonment for kidnapping, raping and blackmailing 45 girls.

Qasim Jahangir was sentenced to death and life imprisonment for rape and recording certain films. Jahangir was also sentenced to three years in prison along with life imprisonment and had to pay a fine of Rs 2.5 million. His spouse, Karan Mahmood, has been given an additional life sentence and is paying a good price.

According to City Police Officer (CPO) Muhammad Faisal Rana, the couple has confessed to abusing 45 minors and registering a case of rape.

He said videos of 10 underage girls and thousands of nude photos were recovered from the suspects’ possession, adding that the couple used to sell the videos and photos in question on a pornographic website for a large sum of money.

The MC student decided she was lured into a car and taken to a house where she was raped and filmed. The girl got stuck as soon as she came back from college. A masked woman posed as a college student and started talking to him. She took him to a place where a car stopped near them and asked them to sit inside. The woman introduced him as her relative and asked him to sit in the car.

The girl was taken inside a car to a villa. Car curtains were pulled. He was taken to Gulistan Colony where the accused raped him at gunpoint

As the girl was inside the car, black curtains were drawn and the car was taken to a villa in Gulistan Colony, where the accused raped her at gunpoint, while the main culprit’s wife, Karan Mahmood, filmed it. Keep doing Location.


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