Covine virus was first detected in India

A coronavirus with potentially disturbing mutations, first detected in India, has been found in the UK.

A total of 77 cases of the form, known as B.1.617, have been recorded in the UK as of April 14, according to the latest update from Public Health England (PHE) released on Thursday. ۔ Of these, 73 were recorded in England and four in Scotland.

This is the first time the PHE has reported a variety of incidents in the UK.

It is currently labeled “Different Under Investigation”. If there are problems with it, for example, if it appears to be more contagious or more resistant to the body’s immune response, then it can be termed a “different state of anxiety.”

There are a handful of “different types of anxiety” in the UK, with the first being discovered in Kent, South Africa and Brazil.

These variations have a different set of variations, although there are some overlaps. For example, all three have a mutant called N501Y, which is thought to make the virus more contagious, while both Brazil and South Africa have a mutant called 484K. , Which is thought to help the virus fight off the body’s immune response, at least in part. Corona virus – in which some covid vaccines have been developed. These variations later spread to different forms of Kent, giving rise to a new form of anxiety.

B.1.617 The variant was first discovered in India, but has since been found elsewhere. Including California. This has disturbed the experts Spike protein contains two mutations that, it has been suggested, may increase the body’s ability to withstand the immune response. It seems that different conditions can affect the body more easily.

Paul Hunter, a professor of medicine at the University of East England, said the variety of arrivals in India was potentially worrying.

“Working together, these two escape variables may be more difficult than those of South Africa and Brazil, which have only one escape variable,” he said. “It can also be less controlled by vaccines than by different types in Brazil and South Africa.”

However, more research is needed to find out the role of these mutations and their effects.

News of the arrival of the Indian variable in the UK came as surge testing was extended in London in an attempt to control the spread of the coronavirus, in parts of Hlingen as well as in Lambeth, Windsworth, Southwark and Barnett. There were some postcodes. Accelerated testing and contact detection. Sandwell Council in the West Midlands Also announced This will test the increase.

However, India is facing a devastating wave of corona virus It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Boris Johnson is expected to visit India later this month. Although its travel has been reduced due to infection there.

Professor Christina Page, director of the Clinical Operational Research Unit at University College London and a member of the Independent Sage Group of Experts, said the discovery of the variance in the UK was worrying, and Johnson should not turn to Delhi.

“We don’t know if she can survive the current vaccine, but there is a lot of talk about mutations,” she told the Guardian. “It is ridiculous that India is not yet on the travel red list – or in this case many other countries – when India is currently seeing 200,000 new cases every day.”


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