Crush in Peru raids 13 virus violations

Crush in Peru raids 13 virus violations

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Lima: At least 13 people were crushed during a raid on a nightclub in the Peruvian capital, where a party was being held despite a coronovirus ban on such ceremonies.
Latin America is badly hit by the epidemic, and Peru imposed strict restrictions on the movement this month.
The illegal birthday party was held on social media on Saturday and attracted a crowd of around 120 at Thomas Restobar, with the interior ministry confirming the 13 deaths in a statement.
The ministry said, “faced a police operation in which no weapon or tear gas of any kind was used. Those in the party tried to evade the single exit, trample each other and get stuck in the ladder.” ”
However, some people who were at the party and others were living near a nightclub in Lima’s Los Olivos district disputed the ministry’s version of events.
“It appears that the police threw tear gas canisters at them, and threw them in the box,” a local resident told RPP radio.
The interior ministry said six people, including three police officers, were injured.
Local media reported that the victims were in their 20s.
Women Minister Rosario Sasseta said she was angry.
“It should never happen. We are in an epidemic, in a health emergency. I am seeking the maximum possible punishment for nightclub owners,” she told RPP.
The interior ministry said 23 people were detained and those officials are trying to identify the organizers and owners of the complex.
Peru, with a population of 33 million, has recorded more than half of coronovirus cases and more than 27,000 fatal cases.
The country imposed curfew on Sunday in response to the increasing number of infections this month.
There has been a one-night curfew since March 16 while the boundaries are closed and school classes have been suspended for the rest of the year.


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