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CWED-19: WHO warns, herd is no exception in 2021

GENEVA: World Health Organization (WHO) scientists warned on Monday that a large-scale vaccine would not exempt herds from the corona virus this year, even as a leading producer boosted its production forecast.
England, meanwhile, launched its first large-scale vaccination campaign in major cities, to outweigh the rapid spread of the new strain of the disease there.
The epidemic has affected more than 90 million people since the first death was confirmed in the central Chinese city of Wuhan a year ago, bringing the death toll to 1.94 million.
China has largely controlled the virus, but is dealing with a number of local infections.
More than half a million people were put under lockdown in Beijing on Monday as the government cracked down on a handful of cases.
However, the number of infections was rising across Europe, especially as the UK faced a new strain of the disease that led to hospitals being overwhelmed.
Russia on Sunday confirmed its first case of strain of Britain’s new Corona virus, which scientists fear is a highly contagious disease.
The virus has also spread to the most affected country, the United States, where US President-elect Joe Biden has publicly received his second dose of the vaccine.
German company Biotech says it could produce millions more doses of its corona virus than expected this year, raising production forecasts from 1.3 to 2 billion.
Biotech announced that it had developed the first vaccine approved in the West in partnership with the US firm Pfizer, encouraging countries struggling to supply the movement.
But the company also warned that covid-19 would “potentially become a local disease”, and said vaccines would need to fight off the emergence of new viral inventions and a “natural immune response”.
Later on Monday, WHO chief scientist Sumia Swamyathan warned that it would take time to develop and administer large quantities of vaccines to prevent the spread of the virus.
“We are not achieving any level of population immunity or herd immunity in 2021,” he said, referring to the need to maintain physical distance, hand washing and masks to prevent epidemics. emphasized.
The UK, the first country to approve Pfizer / Biotech, on Monday opened seven large-scale vaccination sites across the UK.
But Chris White, England’s chief medical officer, told BBC television: “The next few weeks will be the worst week of the epidemic in terms of the number of NHSs (National Health Service).”
“Before we can get vaccines into effect, what do we need to do … do we really need to look at locking measures,” he added.
INDIA – The world’s second-largest virus, Cassloid, will begin shooting at its 1.3 billion people in a powerful and complex move from Saturday.
Russian officials said Monday they would test a single-dose version of the country’s Sputnik V vaccine as part of efforts to provide a stop-gap solution for the worst-affected countries.
Meanwhile, South Africa suppressed a new virus. I closed the land borders for a month to counter the unprecedented recovery in terms of growth.
Existing restrictions, such as alcohol sales and large gatherings, and an overnight curfew remain in place.
Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa said Monday that a new lockdown was inevitable as the country suffered from a number of virus-related deaths and infections.
“We are definitely facing a third wave of the virus,” Costa told reporters.
Lebanon has tightened restrictions on its virus with a total of 11 days of lockdowns and fresh travel bans.
A team of 10 WHO scientists was preparing for a mission to China on Thursday to investigate the origin of the disease.
The Beijing National Health Commission said in a statement that it did not provide further details. The Beijing National Health Commission said in a statement that it would “jointly conduct research with Chinese scientists on the launch of Covid 19.”
The visit comes more than a year after the outbreak began when Beijing tried to thwart an investigation into the virus.
The United States and Australia have angered China, calling for an independent international inquiry.
The first reported death anniversary went unmarked on Monday in Wuhan, where travelers moved to work freely, and parks and riverside exhibitions resonated with visitors.
“Wuhan, even in the whole world, is now China’s safest city,” Xiang Lansheng, 66, told AFP.


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