Daily Times – An island in the ocean

Daily Times – An island in the ocean

Everything and everything eventually gets tired and retires. Fills in alternative shoes and life goes on. Both Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif formed their political parties in the 60s and 80s respectively. The important thing is that our history remembers them both The first goal And the role they played in achieving their goals.

Benazir Bhutto was a capable and charming leader and she could follow her father’s vision. If she had survived, Pakistan could have benefited from a clear understanding of the concept of democracy and what it takes to become a democratic leader. On the other hand, Nawaz Sharif was a situational leader and today if we are to be regarded as a country that betrays its promises, the three-time Prime Minister-elect cannot back down from his role in this ultimate betrayal. After Benazir, her husband tried to fill the shoes. A polo showman and utterly politically frustrated, Zardari is known all over the world not for his politics but for being ‘Mr. 10%’.

Bottom line – today Bhutto and Sharif are the struggling and tired political kings of this country and believe it or not they have already been replaced. The point of this article is not who replaced them but why they became alternatives.

If no one sees, our politics is turning. EJ Devon, a Washington Post columnist, wrote in a 2017 column: “Great nations and proud democracies collapse when their systems deteriorate so badly that even murder is not exposed – or this road Is written as a general part. Politics. “

The failed political tours of our major political parties have paved the way for politics. The children of these families are now doing nothing but reinforcing their failures. I say that unfortunately many of our political figures today are facing allegations of corruption, and it is by their grace that ordinary people can hardly tell the difference between them and the criminals. ۔ Make no mistake, they may blame others or plead their innocence, but they are responsible for the present situation of us, them and this country.

Today he raises a political tone and complains that he stood on the backup burner when he was in power and wanted to mislead the public, individually and through the PDM platform through such a narrative. There are interesting and compelling, but selective, incomplete and partial. While in power, they forgot who we are and what we can become as a nation. They only thought of themselves and that is why I call them ‘islands’ and we call them seas. They live peacefully on their islands yet leave us, the people, to deal with the ‘sea of ​​our troubles’ at sea. What happens on the islands in which they live (whether at home or abroad) is very different from what happens to us in a sea of ​​troubles. And the irony is that none of them repent or apologize, in fact, they fight against the ‘purity of their politics’ and the suffering they inflict on our country.

Through Aristotle what was called a great profession یعنی that is, politics ان became a game through him. The sharp, polar and biased voices that politicians raise in the media on a daily basis in defense of themselves and their parties are unjust, unjust and bad-tempered ‘political competition’ that seeks only to win the game of the day. They are not worried about the end of our political system. And it doesn’t matter that our values ​​are deeply eroded. I’m sure the ‘islanders’ have lost the plot. They no longer feel our pain. All their politics is to run our behavior and they can go to any lengths to put pressure on their poor people, manipulate, influence and distort them and bring about a change in their behavior that According to their politics.

These ‘islanders’ are the exploiters of our history, who have hardly anything new to show and what they do is a constant reflection on the deeds of their ancestors. All of us who are associated with them and their kind of politics are building wealth, making profits and reclaiming the precious land of this country to build their own artificial and man-made islands. Yet they want me and many of us to believe them. How can they cope with our problems when they are the inhabitants of the sea, and they live in a separate world on their own islands?

Deal makers, game fixers and troublemakers. How can I look to them to restore my lost national dignity, my traditions and my way of life? They are confusing us with this vision and this vision, with lost and new ideologies, yet they have no progressive ideology, and we remain in the place from which we have built a free country. Began his journey as

Critics will question why we do not blame our military for our problems. I remember President Eisenhower’s open top limousine tour and Jackie Kennedy’s 1963 visit to this country. We were fine as a nation in the early ’70s. After that, if General Zia and General Musharraf had made a mistake, they could not have done it without thought, inaction, prudence and selfish politics. Dictators have always relied on political support, and politics, for the past three decades, has been grateful to them.

The 400 million gallons of untreated sewage that flows into the Arabian Sea every day today has nothing to do with the military. In broad daylight, the vigilantes (32 killed in the last two decades) have nothing to do with the military. Electoral reform that never starts politics when it is in power has nothing to do with the military.

Whatever politics is done in this country, it never analyzes itself and only blames the army. But now that the toughest politics of the republic have been replaced, the islands they have built can finally be found in the deep sea of ​​difficulties in which we all live. This is the hope of this country because now both the ruler and the ruler have to swim or drown together.

The author is a member of the Faculty of Modern Studies at NDU Islamabad.


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