Daily Times – Crackdown on hoarders continues

Daily Times – Crackdown on hoarders continues

Faisalabad: In two successful raids in Tehsil Saddar, 500 metric tonnes of food items including gram, lentils, peanuts and other items were recovered from the stockists. Assistant Commissioner to President Omar Maqbool said that revenue teams recovered 2,470 bags of gram weighing 50 kg and 2,850 bags of dal mung from Sheikh Amir’s warehouse in Chak 68 and recovered dal mung stored in Sheikh Bashir’s godown. 3,660 bags and 1,000 bags, he said, adding that the owners have been asked to submit the records of the existing committees to the market committee, otherwise the items would be sold in the public market.

In the early hours of the morning, 20 people were handed over to the police in GMabad of Fruit and Vegetable Market to avoid wearing face masks. Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Ali directed the officers of the market committee to take action against the violators.

The Deputy Commissioner supervised the bidding process of vegetables and fruits in Ghulam Muhammadabad market and handed over 20 persons to the police on the spot. The deputy commissioner said that on a daily basis, middlemen, buyers and workers were asked to wear face masks in view of the seriousness of the Corona epidemic, but despite repeated warnings, people did not bother and 20 people were killed. He was arrested on the spot and handed over to the police for not wearing a face mask. “Strict legal action will be taken against those who do not wear face masks, so precautions should be taken to protect the health of oneself and others,” he said.


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