Daily Times – Floating Christmas petals

Daily Times – Floating Christmas petals

Forced change, large-scale persecution, racial inequality and the gray of economic inequality, a year later this Christmas we are so upset, or so intoxicated, that we don’t register how tragic it is. Is. I have already shed many tears this year. So, I’m not lying to myself today. Christian and other religious minorities stand on the brink of any hope from a system or chauvinists that is plundering flexibility. Unfortunately, what most governments promise will never happen. This year, massive inequalities have been exposed to swallow our moral values, which cannot be normalized.

Once again, sleeping Christians will awaken Pakistan on Christmas Day amid growing violence, widespread persecution and bigotry. The amount of racial and economic inequality that has robbed minorities of their dreams throughout the ages has made me speak up. However, we can understand that 2020 was a terrible year that has become the common enemy of humanity. However, we keep the spirit of Christmas alive, no matter how disappointing the year has been. The current disasters and epidemics show that we must celebrate Christmas to offer hope to those who are struggling with conflict, who seem to be stronger than the yearning for peace. Now is the time for weapons to last forever, and for communities to come together to promote respect for religion or belief. In my opinion, the quality of administration and the political culture did not prioritize issues related to religious minorities. Pakistan’s destiny now rests on the flesh and bones of moral decay, rather than on reshaping its future.

I know that for those families, who are in a time of Christmas loneliness while in other prisons, some are fighting hard to recover their stolen daughters, simply because they have to follow their faith. What is the choice At the individual level, the bloody effects of the rule of law can be profound. Building a good society must eliminate the root causes of social injustice, judicial independence, and civil liberties. Along with failed equality, or inequality, the ineffective role of governments has re-activated the minds of minorities to stop dreaming of a better future. Sadly, the evidence for the abuse of minorities is overwhelming. Also, our politicians and ruling classes have rejected Jinnah’s position and they seem far removed from the vision of the Quaid, driven by an internal desire for diversity, unity and inclusion. The work of our political engineers mining the scattered grievance system has created a society that is less humane and less tolerant. On the other hand, persecution based on people’s beliefs is a daily occurrence in many parts of Pakistan, and something that rarely makes headlines.

In Pakistan’s struggle, minorities, especially Christians, have played a decisive role and fully cooperated with our founding father. He told a delegation of Christian parliamentarians on November 20, 1942, “If you help the Muslim League to make Pakistan, we will never forget your contribution after the creation of Pakistan.” The Christian community in India feels closer to the Muslim League than the Congress for a number of reasons, mainly because the Muslim League, as a representative of a minority community, understands the problems of the Christian community better. Another important reason was the confidence of Christians in Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s personality and ability to look after the interests of minorities in Pakistan.

Since independence, minorities have played an extraordinary role in the reconstruction of Pakistan in the armed forces and in many other professions. Among the prominent pilots of the Pakistan Air Force are Cecil Chaudhry, Peter O’Reilly, Martyred Wing Commander Maureen L. Middlequat, who has twice won the Star Jor and many others who have won numerous awards for their bravery. In the field of education, colleges such as FC, Murray, Gordon, and Edwards College have trained thousands of outstanding individuals to work nationally and internationally. Furthermore, in the medical field, at one time Christian nurses monopolized the profession and pushed the medical profession to stand on its own two feet. Similarly, the services of Chief Justice AR Cornelis, Chief Justice Rana Bhagwan Das, Justice Patel and Additional Registrar Johnson Bernard in the judiciary are exceptional.

Unfortunately, the endless ordeal of Christians and other minority groups is getting worse every day because we have deviated from the vision of our founding father. The worst violence cannot brighten the dim life of Christians with any Christmas decorations, parents whose daughters were abducted this year and innocent families torn apart by ethnic wars. Despite the wrong lines of categorization and lethality, the selfless love of minorities for their country is growing to selflessly serve their nation.

Instead of wishing nature mercy, we must work collectively to restore Jinn Jinnah’s vision to change these political principles. In the sadness of this terrible year, I thank our minorities for their commendable service in the Armed Forces, Emergency Services and in the areas of health and education. In many ways, this is probably the question we are all asking ourselves this Christmas. Whether we have faced discrimination, intolerance or lost a loved one, it is an unforgivable truth that has changed us all. But how? And when will we have the answers to these serious questions – because there will definitely be a moment when we will be able to scan our balance sheets and look in the credit column. Finally, the floating Christmas petals send an eternal message to all of us that the darkest night holds the bright stars.


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