Dawood, other terrorists continue to enjoy ‘protection’ in neighboring country: UNSC to India | India news

Dawood, other terrorists continue to enjoy ‘protection’ in neighboring country: UNSC to India | India news

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United Nations: India has told the UN Security Council that Dawood Ibrahim, Who carried out the 1993 Mumbai bombings, and other terrorists designated by the UN continue to enjoy “protection” in a neighboring country “unknowingly” by fugitive gangsters and terrorist groups committed by Lashkar-e-Taiba Call for a focus on international efforts to address threats. And Jaish-e-Muhammad
India said this in a statement “addressing the issue of terrorism and organized crime” in UNSC’s high-level open debate.
“India has been a victim of terrorism sponsored by our border. We have experienced for the first time the brutal relationship between transgender organized crime and terrorism.
“An Organized Crime Syndicate, The D-Company, Which in 1993 led to a series of bomb blasts in Mumbai city which transformed gold and fake currencies into a terrorist unit overnight. The attack resulted in the loss of more than 250 innocent people and the loss of property worth millions of dollars. “India said in the statement.
The perpetrators of the Mumbai blasts, “Unknowingly, continue to enjoy protection in the neighboring country, a center for arms trafficking and drug trade, along with other terrorists and terrorist entities who have been prosecuted by the United Nations,” “Without naming the statement. Any country.
India underlined that the success of collective action against ISIL is an example of how much the international community focuses on the consequences of yields.
“A common focus on addressing the threats posed by professionals and institutions like Dawood Ibrahim and his D-Company, Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed will work well with mankind,” it said.
India said that terrorism is one of the most serious threats that mankind faces today and that the crisis of terrorism does not differentiate between countries and regions.
“It is the greatest strength to live in the joy and peace and security of a human unfit for life. India strongly condemns terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. There can be no justification for any form of terrorism. And looking for the root causes for terrorism is similar to finding a needle in an obstacle, ”it said.
India underlined that it is important to hold states accountable for activities that support or encourage terrorists under their control. The Security Council resolutions clarify the primary responsibility of member states in combating and suppressing terrorist activities and their financing.
It further stated that member states that suffer due to poor governance and inadequate surveillance on financial institutions are more vulnerable to exploitation by terrorist institutions and organized criminals.
“Implementing the recommendations of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) should be one of the top priorities for combating the threat to strengthen the capabilities of the governance structure of financial and economic assets,” it said.
India said that the United Nations needs to step up its coordination with bodies such as the FATF which are playing a key role in setting global standards to prevent and counter money laundering And terrorist financing.
It stressed that today it is a widely accepted fact that both terrorist organizations and organized crime groups are “criminal criminal groups”.
India said the organized criminal network also helps terrorist groups’ funnel funds into legitimate businesses.
“There is evidence where drug trafficking, natural resources and cultural activities are carried out by safe transit corridors provided by terrorist institutions,” he said. We have seen the destruction created by the drug trade in our region that has sustained and funded terrorist networks.
It is a well-known fact in common law that the performer is as guilty as the principal. Thus, due to the nexus with terrorist groups, international organized crime groups become facilitators of terrorist activities, ”it said.
India said that over the years, terrorist groups have developed a diverse funding portfolio and raised funds through numerous criminal activities, including extortion, kidnapping for ransom, robbery and theft, drug trafficking, and blood diamonds Trafficking includes humans and antiquities.
Terrorist organizations have also started exploiting benami property blockchain Technology for fundraising and finance.
As data increasingly becomes the currency of the future, regulators will have to come up with better solutions to fight terrorism.
While nations are focused on providing healthcare to their people and dealing with the economic impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, organized criminals find new avenues for their crimes, including the illegal smuggling of natural resources, narcotics, firearms Have taken advantage of the crisis. And explosive, it said.
“At this stage, it is necessary for all of us to be vigilant on the nature of the symbiotic threat posed by the link between terrorism and international organized crime and reinvigorate our efforts to combat it,” it said.
With the rapid development of information and communication technology as well as other technologies related to modes of financial transactions, encryption, transportation and distribution, India noted that Member States have found new trends in relations between terrorist groups / terrorist individuals and organized criminals Should be cautious in identifying.


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