Day 3: Fighting continues in NA

Day 3: Fighting continues in NA

The commotion in the lower house continued for the third day through lawmakers and opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif failed to deliver his budget speech for the third time despite being surrounded by sergeants.

National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser adjourned the assembly for a few minutes after continuing the protest for the third day in a row to disrupt Shahbaz Sharif’s budget speech. Shahbaz made several attempts to deliver the speech but was unsuccessful as members of the treasury benches continued to block him, despite repeated warnings from NA Speaker Asad Qaiser and maintaining discipline in the House. Directed by Three attempts were made by the Speaker to take action, the meeting was adjourned twice, finally adjourned for the third time in a day.

Earlier, Speaker Asad Qaiser repeatedly asked the parliamentarians to sit down, but finally adjourned the sitting after objections were thrown at the speaker’s donkey. He ordered that whoever raised an objection should be taken out of the House and said that he would take action against the responsible person.

“I will not convene this House (NA) unless both the government and the opposition are involved. [settle their matters]Caesar adjourned the meeting until Thursday before walking out.

Before adjourning the proceedings for the first time, the Speaker said that the events of June 15 were unfortunate and that he would not continue the session until the legislators had resolved their differences. Action has been taken against the MPs on June 15, he said […] A parliamentary committee will be formed to further investigate the matter.

The speaker announced that the committee would consist of each of the Treasury and opposition benches, before he adjourned for the first time as lawmakers continued to interrupt Shahz’s speech. After 15 minutes, the meeting resumed and Shahbaz spoke for a while, mocking Prime Minister Imran Khan for ordering the legislators to “use vulgar language”. When he delivered his address, the treasury benches started abusing him, the speaker repeatedly asked him to maintain the decoration in the house.

Shahbaz said Tuesday’s operation in the NA was one of Pakistan’s “darkest days”, adding that he could not repeat the words spoken by members of the treasury benches. “Mr. Speaker, it was your duty to maintain discipline and prevent such incidents from happening. […] Even today, they have not stopped, “he said.

While the PML-N president was delivering his speech, an opposition member threw a bottle on the treasury benches, which was hit and injured by Federal Minister for Planning and Development Asad Umar.

The Speaker asked the sergeants to show the door to the strict member and adjourned the sitting.

When the session resumed for the second time, there was chaos. As it became clear that there was no sign of an end to the riots, the Speaker adjourned the proceedings for the day. “We will not resume this meeting until we have an understanding that we want to move forward,” he said.

Earlier, the NA Speaker had barred seven MNAs, including three from PTI, from entering the House after throwing away the budget books and its contents during the last session.

Ali Gohar Khan (PML-N), Chaudhry Hamid Hameed (PML-N), Sheikh Rohail Asghar (PML-N), Fahim Khan (PTI), Abdul Majeed Khan (PTI), Ali Nawaz Awan (PTI) And Syed Agha Rafiullah. The PPP was asked not to enter Parliament House until further orders. A separate statement from the NA Secretariat said the ban on MNAs would remain in place until further notice. “The NA Secretariat has issued instructions to the concerned MNAs and Assembly Security,” it said.

Earlier, the Speaker had called on Prime Minister Imran Khan during which the political situation in the country and tumultuous discussions took place during yesterday’s meeting. He further said that the Prime Minister was apprised of the incident, adding that those who had violated the sanctity of the House would be punished.

According to a statement from the NA Secretariat, the NA Speaker also telephoned Shahbaz and PPP Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and exchanged views on keeping the atmosphere in the House pleasant during the budget session.

During the meeting, Qaiser said Tuesday’s commotion in parliament was regrettable, stressing that it was the joint responsibility of the government and the opposition to keep the atmosphere pleasant. The statement further said that he asked the parliamentary leaders of all parties to play their role in this regard.

According to the statement, Shahbaz and Bilawal agreed with the NA Speaker and assured him of their cooperation in maintaining a peaceful atmosphere in Parliament.


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