Delay in reopening of primary schools in Balochistan for two weeks

Delay in reopening of primary schools in Balochistan for two weeks

QuettaBalochistan government spokesman Liaquat Shahwani on Monday said that the provincial government has decided to delay the resumption of primary schools starting September 30 in view of increasing corona virus cases.

He said the proposal would be tabled at a meeting of the National Command and Operations (NCOC) on Tuesday.

It was announced by Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood last week that the country’s primary schools would reopen on September 29 (Tuesday) after a final review at the NCOC meeting.

Shahwani had earlier warned about the rising trend of corona virus in the province, saying that the number of cases in Balochistan has tripled since August.

Similar cases were reported in September, as in May. It was around that time [Balochistan] Saw an increase in matters. The flow of people to the hospitals increased and we had to impose a lockdown. It was a difficult experience, “he said on Saturday.

“Our cases have almost tripled since August. The data shows that cases are on the rise and there is a risk that they will increase further in the winter. The flow of hospitalization has not increased yet but if it does, we We can go to the same situation as in May. “


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