Delhi government issues guidelines for parent outreach program

Delhi government issues guidelines for parent outreach program

New Delhi: The Delhi government has issued guidelines for the program for parents of school management committees, urging school heads to ensure that parents have a mechanism to reach out with their concerns and issues.

In an order issued on 3 February, the Delhi Education Directorate stated that the School Management Committees (SMCs) were created to increase parental involvement in the administration of schools and to act as a bridge between parents and the school. Was.

However, citing a report by the Boston Consulting Group on Delhi Education Reform, the Directorate stated that despite the active participation of SMCs in schools, 63 percent of parents do not know about SMCs.

As per the guidelines, each SMC member will be responsible for maintaining relationships with 50 students and their families in their area and will also consider engaging other parents, ‘school friends’, to volunteer in the program.

Each school Mitra will have the same responsibility of keeping in touch with the families of 50 students through telephone calls or home visits.

“SMC members and school Mitra need to engage with parents that in terms of all the activities / academics going on in the school and whatever the children are facing in relation to their child’s education, the parents Hear from. ” Read it

The Directorate has implemented this program to enable heads of schools to list schools that make up the school’s catchment area, list students in these areas, and identify school friends in the case of large areas or where they are. Also determined. No smc

“It will be the responsibility of the teacher coordinator to keep in touch with SMC members and school friends on an ongoing basis and to receive feedback from parents.”

The Directorate also said that the school Mitra should be invited to the SMC meeting once a month.

In addition, a helpline will be set up and run by the directorate with the support of the DCPCR, where parents can reach out with any questions on an ongoing basis.


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