Delhi government says Center has stopped increase in tests India News

Delhi government says Center has stopped increase in tests India News

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NEW DELHI: Written by a letter Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain Accusing Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla home Ministry (MHA) A large row broke out on Thursday to pressure state government officials to stop the proposed increase in the Kovid-19 test, immediately attracting a strong rebuttal home Ministry Which dismissed the allegation as “false and baseless”.
In the letter it was claimed by a note written by Vikram Dev Dutt, Principal Secretary, Health, Delhi, that Dr. The views of an expert committee headed by VK Paul can be taken on the proposed increase in testing for technical guidance in Delhi. Issues such as RT-PCR and rapid antigen test, a mixture of regions and demographics. The Delhi government claimed that the note was written under pressure from the MHA with the intention of blocking the proposed increase in testing.
In a statement, the MHA rejected Jain’s charge, insisting that it was MHA who pushed for increasing the number of trials in the capital. “It may be recalled that this was after the intervention Home Minister Amit Shah The daily tests in Delhi, which averaged around 8,000 by the middle of June, have increased marginally from about 1 manner, between 2000 and 20,000 per day. Significant improvement in the situation of Kovid-19 in Delhi has been possible due to this enhanced testing and other control measures, ”it said.
This in particular got involved in the problem with the contents of the Delhi Chief Health Secretary’s note: the centerpiece of Jain’s allegation was that the center was blocking Delhi’s plan to extend the test. The minister pointed out that in the note written by Dutt there was no mention of any directive of the ministry on increasing testing in Delhi and he merely proposed that Dr. The views of an expert committee headed by Paul can be sought.
After the MHA released the statement, Jain hoped that the officials would get the message. “I am sure that the officials, who were reluctant to extend the test today citing MHA pressure, will immediately extend the test in Delhi,” he said on Twitter.
In another tweet, Jain said, “Our CM has worked closely with the central government to deal with Kovid-19 in Delhi. We must continue the spirit of cooperation for the betterment of Delhiites. ‘
Chief Minister Arvind kejriwal It was announced on Wednesday that Delhi was going to double the Kovid-19 tests to 40,000 per day as a precaution due to the increase in recent cases.
Jain had said in his letter to Bhalla that “the home ministry was preventing the Delhi government from conducting further tests”. The MHA is the cadre-controlling authority for bureaucrats working in the Delhi government. The minister said that he was very surprised to “learn from some officials about the pressure of the MHA on Delhi government officials” as the Delhi government and the Center were fighting the epidemic together.
Describing the alleged pressure as illegal and unconstitutional, Jain noted in the letter that Dutt’s letter was not shown to him or the Chief Minister. Dutt did not respond to TOI requests for comment.
The Health Minister said in the letter that the elected government of Delhi is capable of taking all decisions. “The strategy of more and more trials is designed to be a good strategy worldwide. Due to this strategy, the Delhi government has so far managed to keep the Kovid-19 situation under control, ”he said, wondering why he is now being prevented from imposing tests ranging from 20,000 to 40,000.
Jain wanted to write to Shah, but he wrote to the Home Secretary, as the Home Minister is still in the hospital. “The number of Kovid-19 cases has been increasing in Delhi for the last few days. As a responsible government, it is our duty to intervene quickly.
Meanwhile, some district officials said they were preparing a plan to raise 40,000 to double the number of daily tests to market associations, RWA, civil security volunteers and councilors. All shopkeepers in the markets will be asked to go for testing. slum And other densely populated areas will be in focus. About 80% of rapid antigens and 20% of RT-PCR are likely to be tested.
District Magistrate (South East) Harleen Kaur said that her officials are gearing up for a big exercise. “The same teams will do more tests and we will get more teams as per our requirement,” he said. “We are committed to all the instructions given to us.”
Aam Aadmi Party spokesperson Raghav ChadhaMeanwhile, MHA joins the attack. “The central government should stop this illegal and unconstitutional pressure, which could have a huge negative impact on the health situation in Delhi,” Chadha said. He said “the order is inexplicable, unclear and unqualified”.


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