Delhi, Mumbai It is custom to start faceless cargo evaluation from 3rd August

Delhi, Mumbai It is custom to start faceless cargo evaluation from 3rd August

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New Delhi: Delhi and Mumbai Customs will start valuing some imported goods starting from Monday. Central board Indirect Tax and Customs (CBIC) has stated.
On June 8, 2020, CBIC launched the first phase of the “faceless valuation” scheme for imported goods in Bengaluru and Chennai, as it was ready for the Pan-India roll by January 1, 2021.
“The board has decided to start the second phase of the all-India rollout assessment, which is in Delhi and Mumbai Customs Zone And expanding the scope of faceless assessment in Chennai Bangalore Customs Zone, ”CBIC said in a letter to the Principal Chief Commissioner of Customs and Central Tax.
CBIC said that it has reviewed the Phase I evaluation in Bengaluru and Chennai and resolved some technical and administrative issues. The board also noted that a smooth and fast evacuation process began with uniformity in evaluation.
The first phase in the Bangalore and Chennai Customs area covered the import of goods under the Faceless Valuation Scheme under Chapter 84, 85 of the Facial Tariff Act. Delhi will also be included in the second phase. Chapters 84 and 85 deal with certain machines and electrical equipment.
In the second phase items covered under chapters 89 to 92 and 50 to 71 will also be covered and imported goods will be cleaned on the basis of faceless assessment from the customs of Bengaluru, Chennai and Delhi.
Chapters 89 to 92 relate to ships, boats, musical instruments, clock and watch, and photographic, cinematographic, medical or surgical instruments and instruments; Parts and accessories.
Chapters 50–71 cover textiles, carpets, footwear, headgear, umbrellas, ceramic products, glass items and pearls, precious or semi-precious stones, imitation jewelery, and more.
The Mumbai Customs shall undertake the general assessment of goods covered under Chapter 29. This chapter deals with organic chemicals.
Faceless assessment enables an Assessing Officer, physically located in a particular jurisdiction, to assess the entry of a bill relating to imports made at a different customs station, whenever the custom bill is in the automated system. Such a Bill of Entry is assigned.
To ensure a quick and uniform assessment, the CBIC has designated Principal Commissioners or Commissionerate Customs to monitor the same, including airports.


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