‘Delhi’s Kovid positivity rate doubles India News

‘Delhi’s Kovid positivity rate doubles India News

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New Delhi: The positivity rate for the Kovid-19 has doubled in Delhi, remains worryingly high in Maharashtra and is downward in Gujarat, with two 15-day runs from May 7 to June 1 for three states Analysis of intervals that have been recorded higher. Coronavirus shows the number of cases.
The positivity rate – confirmed Kovid-19 cases per 100 trials – increased from 5% to 6.41% for the country as a whole, and Kovid’s graph for confirmed cases, however, is growing at a similar pace.
In Delhi, the positivity rate has increased from 7% to 14% in the 7–21 fortnight of 7–21 May. 1. Maharashtra continues to have the highest positivity rate, although growth over the two periods has been modest from 18%, with 18.46% meaning that every five tests are giving about one positive result. A large proportion of Maharashtra affairs is from Mumbai. Gujarat has seen a slight decline in positivity rates from 9% to 8%, indicating a modest success in preventing the disease.
In other states, with a positivity rate of 5% to 9% during this period, the situation in Bihar is worrisome. Delhi and Bihar now have the fastest increase in confirmed cases after Maharashtra, although many more cases have been reported in the capital.
A parameter is used to assess whether the positivity rate may be relaxed by governments in the lockdown rules over a two-week period. High positivity and fatality rates may indicate that a state is investigating the most vulnerable sections of the population. While contact tracing and testing are important for epidemic control, most states and India as a whole have recorded low mortality rates.


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