Democrats see ‘Kamala’ mismanagement as racist in GOP

Democrats see ‘Kamala’ mismanagement as racist in GOP

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Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris (AP)

CHICAGO: During the final night of the Democratic National Convention, actor Julia Louis-Dreyfus and former presidential candidate Andrew Yang repeatedly got the name of “our current vice president” wrong.
Was it “Mika Pints”? Or “Paints?” Or maybe “Ponce,” Yang suggested.
“Oh, some kind of weird foreign name?” Louis-Dreyfus asked.
“Yes, not very American sounding,” Yang answered.
It was a quick satire with a pointed message from Democrats: when top Republicans – including the president Donald Trump And vice president Mike pence – Misuse of Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Kamala HarrisFirst name, it’s not just derogatory, it’s racist.
Harris’s first name is “Kah-mah-lah” – or, as he explains in his biography, “punctuations like ‘comma-la,'”.
But misunderstandings arose in those days since the California senator became the first black woman and the first Asian American woman named on a major party ticket.
Pence put his emphasis on the events of the past week to another syllable, calling it “kah-mah-lah”.
Republican National Committee President Rona McDaniel did the same on Wednesday, as Trump did at a rally in Pennsylvania, a day after Harris made a prime-time speech after accepting the Democratic nomination.
Harris supporters say the pattern amounts to an intentional effort by Trump and his allies to portray immigrant daughter Harris – a man who is not at the top post in politics.
The misdemeanors followed a string of attacks that included racist and sexist memes and questioning whether Harris, who was born in California, qualified to serve as vice-president because his mother was an Indian and his father was a Jamaican. . (Constitutional scholars and other legal experts say that there is no question that he is eligible.)
Fatima Gose Graves, chairwoman of the National Women’s Law Center Action Fund, said, “This is an attempt to reduce her.”
“This difference is designed to signal.”
Trump campaign officials did not immediately respond to questions about the errors.
To ensure that Harris is not the only politician who has witnessed the visit of other politicians and voters in his name.
Former President Barack Obama, whose father was from Kenya, jokingly told jokes about being a “thin child”.
Former presidential candidate Pete Batigiag, whose father was from Malta, went mostly by “Pete” – although his campaign produced posters, chants and T-shirts with the accent of “boot-as-age”.
Even Democratic presidential candidates Joe Biden During his speech, Kamla first dropped the “a” and introduced it incorrectly, but he repeated his name with the correct pronunciation.
Harris supporters say there is a difference between someone who makes an honest mistake and wants to correct it and people who knowingly mispronounce his name, or who don’t care enough to correct it.
In the introduction to his biography, Harris states that his name means “lotus flower.” It is a symbol of importance in Indian culture, he wrote, “A lotus grows under water, its flower rises above the surface while its roots are firmly planted in the river bed.”
When she first ran US Senate, Her campaign produced a video with young children, demonstrating the proper way to say her first name.
But his defenders say Harris is well past the point of introduction – especially with Republican opponents.
Harris served as California’s attorney general for seven years before being elected to the Senate in 2016. Since then, he has made headlines for his tough questioning over Trump’s appointment and raised his profile even further with his bid for the 2020 Democratic presidential election.
And even before he was elected to the Senate, Trump knew who he is – he donated to his 2014 campaign for attorney general.
Yet Trump continues to mispronounce his name, as do his allies.
Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani Harris is called “Pamela” during an appearance on Fox News.
Pence mispronounced his name several times during a stop in Iowa last week, where he warned an enthusiastic crowd that the November election is not about elections between Republicans and Democrats or conservatives and liberals.
“I think the choice in this election is whether America remains America,” he said, later misrepresenting his name moments later.
Pence correctly pronounced Harris’ name during an appearance on Fox News on Friday, hours after the exchange between Lewis-Dreyfus and Yang.
Fox news host Tucker Carlson She was agitated when a guest corrected her last week after Kamala incorrectly pronounced Kamala.
“So what?” He said, again before mentioning his name wrong and complained about the liberals being very sensitive.
McDaniel’s accent was also misplaced during an appearance on Fox News earlier this week, while host McDaniel said it was correct.
Many people, especially people of color, are related to Harris, he is incorrectly named because they face similar situations at workplaces and elsewhere, Gose Graves said.


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