Despite the epidemic of Ramadan, Qasida Barda Sharif breathed new life into hope

Despite the epidemic of Ramadan, Qasida Barda Sharif breathed new life into hope

As in previous years, the spirit of Ramadan, which is celebrated by 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide amid epidemics, is somewhat muted.

The current social distance and hygiene guidelines that are being followed today can be traced back to the time of the Holy Prophet (SAW) 1,400 years ago, in order to establish the response of the society and in parallel with it. The fate of this disease is known.

That is why, Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (PBUH) is a beacon of hope in every way in the most trying times of humanity.

The process of giving thanks to the Sufi God and His Holy Prophet (SAW) through prayers is in progress.

One such famous and most read dua in the form of an ode of, which is written in honor of our Holy Prophet (sws), is the ‘Ode of Mantle’ or ‘Qasida Barda’.

This literary masterpiece is being refreshed in our hearts and souls today through Fatima Fertilizer through its full sample ‘Sarsabz Dua’, which is bringing new hope of a better time for the nation.

There is an interesting story behind it, which gave it a unique name.

The beginning of Qasida Barda Sharif

The poem is said to have been written by Imam al-Busari in a state of powerful temptation. When he woke up one day to partially paralyze himself, all the experts failed to cure him.

Prior to that, he was a well-known Cairo poet, widely recognized by the rich and powerful in his community. However, because of his condition, the man whose hatred and art had elevated him to the rank of Prince of Poets – was downgraded.

During this time, he wrote an ode in eternal praise of the Holy Prophet (sws), with the conviction that the salvation of humanity lies in seeking His greatness and compassion before Allah.

One night, while reciting this hymn, crying, praying and asking for forgiveness, in a state of intercession with the Creator, he became ugly and a miracle happened. The Imam was given an audience by Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (peace be upon him) who approved the Qasida and covered the paralyzed part of Imam Mant’s body.

The next morning, he recovered completely and, as you can guess, Odd later became known as Qasida Barda.

How Qasida Barda is renewing hope for the nation.

800 years later today, Barda Sharif’s legacy is a shining example of how, with prayer, humility and remorse, he was said to have the ability to miraculously change the situation into the most difficult.

This is supported by the Imams of the world, because they say that it not only increases the love for the Holy Prophet (SAW), (the means of asking forgiveness from Allah), but also cures diseases, removes sufferings. And love has a big impact. Get rid of anxiety and disasters in modern times, if read and read again and again.

‘Sarsabz Dua’ has renewed this hope of redemption and enlightenment through its ancient story.

Therefore, with a baseless belief, let us once again cite the great example of the Holy Prophet (SAW) and find healing in the love, goodness and service of humanity in the midst of epidemics.

Let us sow the unselfish seeds of goodness for others in this Ramadan, in the case of Dua (Dua), reap one maximum on the Day of Resurrection – the keys to redemption and miracles!

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