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‘Diamond Rush’ in Nagaland village, government investigates geologists – India news

The news of the discovery of diamonds was believed to have spread in a village Wanching in Mon district of Nagaland, after which pictures and video clips of villagers digging for alleged precious stones went viral on various social media platforms, Was inspiring the government. Order an investigation to verify claims.

Villagers were gathered in large numbers in video clips and photographs, digging mud on a hill and small rhinestones are found on their palms.

The Geology and Mining Department on Friday hired a team of four geologists at the site. “They will investigate the situation as soon as possible and submit the report,” S Manane, director of the department, said in an order. The team is expected to reach the village on 30 November or 1 December.

When contacted, Som’s deputy commissioner Thavasalan K said the incident occurred earlier this week when some villagers found some crystals while working in the forest and supposedly told others in the village that they were diamonds.

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The official said that it was doubtful that they were diamonds because the stones were found close to the surface. But he hoped that the stones would bring some kind of benefit to the villagers even if they were quartz crystals because quartz has many applications.

Whether or not the influx of curious people was expected by the authorities, DC responded positively if the speculation was decided to be true. However, he points out that the situation is unpredictable until experts investigate and declare what the stones actually are.

Although the matter has been debated among the public, geologists believed that the smaller diamonds were genuine diamonds because there were no records of diamonds in the area.

“They are simple quartz crystals. They are very common and are found in different parts of Nagaland, ”said Professor GT Thong, Department of Geology, Nagaland University. He believes that ‘poor villagers’ were misled by some people and hoped that a team of geologists deputed to investigate in the village would soon throw some light on the matter.

Meanwhile, Wenching Village Council has issued a notice banning anyone for posting anything on social media in relation to stones and prohibited anyone from other villages or towns from entering the village in search of the same is.

A village elder told that the gram sabha was disbanded due to the dissemination of undisclosed information, so it has given an order in anticipation of many visitors after the news of the precious stones found in the village. One must seek the permission of the council to visit the village.


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