Do not conduct exams without vaccinating students: NSUI

Do not conduct exams without vaccinating students: NSUI

MANGALURU: District President of the National Students Union of India (NSUI), Savad Sulia, demanded that the state government not conduct the examination without vaccinating the students.

He told the media here on Thursday that warnings related to the possibility of the third wave of Kovid-19 have alarmed parents and students. “Do not conduct any examination without vaccinating students, as parents are apprehensive that there may be a third wave of Kovid-19. If the government plans to conduct examinations, then immediately the vaccination campaign of students should be started on priority basis, otherwise the government should cancel all the examinations.

He also urged the government to reduce the fees for students in private institutions by 50% and to announce a free education scheme for children who have lost parents due to Kovid-19. “The epidemic has affected people in a big way, and students are not getting any scholarship. Although classes are being conducted online, private institutions have not made any changes in their fee structure. This will deprive students of poor families. Therefore, the government should intervene and reduce the fee structure by 50%. The government should take care of the education of those students who lost parents due to Kovid-19, from kindergarten to postgraduate level, ”he said.


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Anushith Katil, NSUI representative of Visvesvaraya University of Technology (VTU), said that the government should conduct classes on the campuses for at least 45 days if they are going ahead with the decision to conduct the examinations on the campuses. “Conducting on-campus exams for students without conducting classes on campus will affect their performance. Although the earlier semesters have not been completed, colleges have started online classes for the next semester. This will affect the students’ studies. ”


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